Tips To Training A Puppy – Start Easy And Go Hard

tips to training a puppy

One of the most important tips to training a puppy is that you should train your puppy from an early age. Young puppies are very much interested in learning. This is what keeps them from becoming a nuisance to everyone around. They are very intelligent and can learn things quite quickly. Therefore, it is recommended that you should start training your pet from a young age. Even older dogs can learn new tricks and commands if they are well-trained.

Tips To Training A Puppy

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However, this does not mean that you should leave the task up to the dog. You should encourage your puppy and praise whenever he does something right. Also, when he does something wrong, do not punish him. Your main goal is to teach the dog the rules. Punishing him will only make the dog scared of you and will be unable to understand the command or behavior.

Dogs Do Not Usually Like To Be Punished

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Instead, they find it painful and difficult to perform the correct actions. That is why you have to be patient and soft with your puppy. In addition, you also have to teach the dog simple commands. It is important that the puppy understands that you are in charge. Otherwise, your puppy may get aggressive and snap at you anytime.

Another one of the important tips to training a puppy is to play with him or her as much as possible. As mentioned earlier, these animals love to play and they love to spend time with their owner. Therefore, it is very important to spend enough time with your pet. This will ensure that your puppy is happy and healthy.

Do Not Try To Train Your Dog By Force

If you want to train your pet, you have to take it slowly and methodically. This will allow you to develop a good relationship with your dog. When training your puppy, it is important to know where your strengths and weaknesses are. For instance, if you are not a very good trainer, you may need to consult someone who is qualified to do so. Also, when training your dog, you have to remember that it is not just a matter of hitting or slapping them.

Do Not Make Your Puppy Jealous Or Afraid

Your puppy is an animal that has been created to be friendly and to be sociable. If you do this, you are only confusing your animal and making it uncertain of how to behave in social situations. Jealousy or fear will only lead to confusion. Instead, try to create a positive environment for your puppy.

Be Consistent In All Your Training Efforts

This is probably the most important tip to training a puppy. Never give up. Puppies are not born knowing that they should stay quiet or sit while the adults go about their business. Always stick to your routine no matter what. Consistency and patience are one thing that can make all the difference.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that your puppy needs to have a structured day and time to learn everything that you want it to. Don’t leave it all to the puppies’ imagination. They will just be running around and doing nothing all day long. If you let them run around though, then they will learn more and become more active as they get older. The best thing for training a puppy is to set a routine and stick to it.

One of the tips to training a puppy that is often overlooked is to use positive reinforcement. Using positive reinforcement is much more effective than negative reinforcement. If you decide to take your puppy out somewhere, instead of punishing it for not doing what you want, just play with it or give it lots of treats. Both positive and negative reinforcement work wonders for training a puppy.

Another great tip for disciplining your puppy is to play on it. If you are playing with it before you take it out somewhere, it will be less stressed out and more obedient. It may sound strange, but it actually works.

Final Thoughts

These tips to training a puppy are just a few of the many tips available. There are literally hundreds of books and videos available that will help you train your puppy. The one that I prefer though, is to simply train it yourself. Don’t be afraid to experiment and see what happens. You never know when you may find a method that works!

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