Puppy Potty Training Tips For Busy Pet Owners

puppy potty training tips

If you’ve just gotten an eight-week old puppy from the shelter or purchased a puppy from a reputable breeder, then you need to start puppy potty training as quickly as you can. That’s right, adult dogs can also be potty trained, with these very same techniques. So, without further adieu, here’s a step-by-step guide to puppy potty training your new puppy like a seasoned pro. First off, you’ll want to have a designated area for him to go to the bathroom. Your puppies are going to be living in your house, so you need to organize his environment.

Pertain To House Training- Puppy Potty Training Tips

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The first puppy potty training tips pertain to house training. As mentioned above, he’ll be living in your home, so make sure that you prepare his sleeping and living area. For example, if you put a dog bed in his playroom, it’ll keep him from running all over the place and possibly destroying things. You may also want to put a small door between the bedroom and the bathroom so he can go in there when he wants to relieve himself. Some dogs relieve themselves while lying down, so you’ll need to find a way to make him sleep where he can’t get himself covered up. If he happens to relieve himself on your dresser or bed frame, you might want to consider moving the furniture or getting rid of the furniture until he stops relieving himself on them.

When he’s still at his puppy stage, you can give him a few options for bathroom locations in the house. First, he can use the bathroom in your kitchen, in the family room or anywhere inside the main bedroom. But you need to watch him because some puppies are extremely curious and don’t seem to care where they relieve themselves. They might urinate in corners or even on couches. You need to keep an eye on him or distract him with a toy or a treat until he finishes eliminating. Some dogs do this more than once or twice a day.

Introduce A Bell In His Crate

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Another of the house training puppy tips is to introduce a bell in his crate. He can’t go into the crate without ringing the bell, so he’ll learn to avoid using the crate. If he does, he’ll associate the sound with going potty. If the bell doesn’t already ring, try giving him a treat. Sometimes, a click or “ring” command will work better than a regular “bell” sound.

Some dogs have very strong personalities and they tend to be independent, but most puppies need to be exposed to people in order to become comfortable and happy. Give your pup lots of praise when he goes outside to do his business. Be sure not to yell at him when he doesn’t go right away though. Some dogs are just very stubborn and they don’t understand what we want them to do.

Put The Plastic Bag Inside The Puppy Crate

Some people think that puppies are actually not meant to be pets. Some dogs don’t like to be petted at all and they will only bark and chew everything in sight. If you don’t like having dogs in the house, then consider getting another dog. Having another dog means you can take it out to parks and areas where there are other dogs.

If you don’t have a dog, you can get plastic bags and potty pads for your puppies to use. Put the plastic bag inside the puppy’s crate after he eats. This way he’ll know where he can go to empty his bladder every time.

Summing Up

If you have another dog, and it doesn’t have a problem going outside to do its business, you can start taking your puppy to puppy boot camp. Puppy boot camps are basically for puppy owners who don’t have the time to train their dogs. Puppy boot camps are very intense because the trainers have to work with the dogs every single day. Puppy potty breaks should take place at least once a week, but you may need to go more often. If you are going to have another dog, don’t let it loose with your puppy.

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