Five Puppy Toilet Training Tips To Make Your Life A Whole Lot Easier

puppy toilet training tips

And he’ll become even more stubborn if you don’t pick the right training method. The first of the three months of puppy toilet training tips is, of course, the use of the toilet! You have to let your dogs use the toilet whenever they want.

Don’t scold or punish them for using the bathroom. All you need to do is provide a soft, comfortable place for them to relieve themselves. It is not necessary to put them on a hanger or anything like that.

Use A Crate

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Another of the three months of puppy toilet training tips is to use a crate. One of the reasons why puppies are difficult to train is because they are too afraid of being alone or abandoned in the house. If you introduce them to the idea of going to the bathroom in a crate, this will help overcome some of these fears.

One of the main reasons why puppies are potty trained at such an early age is because they enjoy being alone. It is natural for them to go potty after they eat, and then they have to go back to their crate to lay down for a few hours. However, if you start to let them go to the bathroom when they feel anxious or nervous, they may become afraid of the crate and won’t be able to relax. It is therefore important to introduce them to the idea of going to the bathroom in a crate gradually over a period of weeks.

New Puppy Pads

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One of the final of the puppy toilet training tips to get rid of problems is to introduce new puppy pads. This may sound ridiculous, but it’s one of the things that most people never do. Why? Well, because puppies don’t like to soil in dirty clothes and using clothes is completely pointless. So you should introduce new puppy pads in order to get rid of the problem.

You can do this by first positioning your pup in a sitting position in a new place. Take a new puppy pad, but make sure that its surface is not scratched or scuffed. Then place this on the ground inside the crate, and stick it up through the bars. Now your pup will get used to this routine and will learn to go to the bathroom through the bars, which will reduce the number of accidents. Puppy potty training tips like these will be essential in helping your pet to become potty trained quickly and easily.

Have A Routine

Another of the useful puppy toilet training tips is to have a routine. This will help your puppies learn what they should do each time they use the bathroom. The best way to do this is to start with small, simple routines.

For example, if you only want to bathe your dog’s twice a day, feed them in the same location and give them lots of praise when they’re done. If you do this consistently, soon you’ll find that your dogs will know where to go to the bathroom. Eventually, they’ll be able to hold their own without you needing to check on them!

Final Words

However, if you want to toilet train your pooch faster, then you need to adapt your routine. Introduce five new items to your dog’s daily routine, and gradually work up to twenty-five each day. If your puppies are used to going to the bathroom in a particular spot, then you’ll only ever have to visit it once a day. Just make sure that your dogs can adapt to this new routine before you move on to longer fixtures. After all, your pet needs to feel happy about going to the bathroom at least three hours each day.

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