Raising A Puppy Tips For Beginners

raising a puppy tips

Many puppy owners do not realize just how easily they can get their animals involved in the wrong activities, such as chewing up furniture, shoes, or other household items. Here are some effective tips for successfully raising a puppy.

If you have your heart set on a purebred toy poodle, the best thing you can do is start raising a puppy a little earlier than most dog lovers. Toy poodles have been known to be quite demanding, so they need to be dealt with early on, when they are still puppies. For the most part, you should never have any problems raising a puppy that acts like a dog, even if you’ve had them for over twenty years. However, this does not mean that they can be careless or haphazard. You should teach them good habits from the start. The easiest way to accomplish this is to start crate training.

Implement Immediately To Bring The Puppy Home

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Crate training is one of the most important puppy tips that you can implement immediately to bring the puppy home. Crating your puppy will help him settle quickly into his new environment. The dog should not be left alone in the crate for more than 15 minutes at a time, and you should take him out on a frequent schedule to keep him comfortable. Ideally, you’ll want to set aside one hour each day for crate training, but you can schedule it whenever your dog is awake.

Another common mistake among puppy owners is overfeeding. Overfeeding can lead to a number of health problems later on, including diabetes and obesity. Before you start raising a puppy, you should understand just how much he needs to eat to grow properly.


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Exercise is another essential part of raising puppies. Puppies need exercise every day, and you should ideally do this several times each day. Walking is the best type of exercise for puppies. You can choose simple exercises like playing in the park or playing with your dog in your backyard by utilizing a specially designed puppy leash.

It is important to keep your puppy properly clean. Use a vet-grade muzzle to keep your puppy from chewing on furniture, shoes, electrical cords, etc. A clean area at the vet’s is the best option, as the puppy is less likely to develop a medical problem in that environment. It is also advisable to remove all trash from the house before raising a puppy, as this can cause unnecessary stress and mess.

Puppies Love To Chew

Puppies love to chew, and they will chew on almost anything if given the chance. You should teach your puppy not to chew on household objects such as shoes, clothing, and blankets. You should also take some time to inspect any household items that you leave in the puppy’s reach.

These are the items that are most likely to end up in the trash once the puppy chews on them. In addition to eliminating these items from your house, you should also take time to supervise your puppy while he or she is out.


Dogs are very social animals and enjoy being around people. When raising a puppy, tips include making sure that your puppy has a steady place to play, such as a fenced in yard. It is also important that you puppy knows his or her name and how to be responded to. By using these tips when raising a puppy, you will find that you have a great companion for life. Your puppy will learn to respond to your commands and become an invaluable part of your family.

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