Why Dogs Bark At Night And How To Prevent It

Your pet dog is probably your best companion. You sleep well together, have fun on weekends, and go for a walk in every few days. If this is not the scenario, then you are probably affected by the night barking of your animal. Night barking is one of the most common problems faced by people all across the world. A recent survey also revealed that night barking is the number one problem of most pet owners. There are several reasons why dogs bark in the nights; here are some of the reasons.

The Puppies Get Bored

Puppies cannot be left alone for hours. Just like humans, they get easily bored. Study shows that if a dog gets bored, they are most likely vocalize with other dogs in the area. It is better to give them something to play with that will keep them active throughout the night. Long hours of no adrenaline rush make the pets impatient, and they start howling in the middle of the night for no apparent reasons.

Why Dogs Go For Night Barking?
Why Dogs Go For Night Barking?

Fear Of Unknown Leads To Night Barking

We, humans, fear a lot of things that we haven’t faced. Dogs develop the same tendency. Something that is unknown creates anxiety among the dogs too. The fear leads to endless night barking. Elements like strange sound, pictures, and images or anything strange will generate a sense of uncertainty among all puppies.

To Alarm Other Dogs

Dogs love to communicate among themselves. When you hear a howl, it is most likely a dog is trying to send its message in their community. The reason why night barking is a common phenomenon is that the dogs are trying to communicate with their peers about something that is happening in the locality.

To Seek Attention

Why Dogs Go For Night Barking?
Why Dogs Go For Night Barking?

Attention is much different than the bore. Some dogs start night barking to get the attention of their owner. A typical example of it is when your dog is near you for breakfast. Your dog will begin barking for attention. The best way to handle the situation is to make sure that you do not give attention to your puppy. Once you have uttered something to keep quiet, your dog is successful in its intention. The dog will now continuously howl for unnecessary things to gain the attention of the owner.

Night Barking Is Lack Of Exercise

Dogs are a powerhouse of energies. They can spend an entire day roaming and howl at unknown things. This energy needs to be spent somewhere so that the animal sleeps appropriately. Once you are out for the work, the dog spends the whole day alone. A few hours after the work is the only way they can spend playing with you. However, it is best to let your dog join a dog daycare. Your dog will learn to mix with other pets and will get tired for tight night sleep. It will also solve the problem of night barking.


Night barking is a significant issue in the top tier cities, and most of the pet owners need a few hours of deep sleep to be ready for the next day. Helping your dog to stay active throughout the day will help your dog grow physically and mentally.

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