What You Should Know About Havanese Puppies

There is no doubt that the small and cute faces of Havanese puppies brighten your day by removing all the worries and make you feel like heaven. In fact, if you are looking for a dog that can comfortably live with you in an apartment, then choose this breed. Taking more about Havanese, they are originated from Cuba. Unlike other dog breeds, they require brushing twice a week. However, they require scheduled bats and some clipping. Moreover, they don’t need heavy physical exercise, and some walks around the building will be enough for them. They are great with small kids, and they are the perfect family pets.

Some Essential Tips For Finding A Perfect Havanese Puppies

In general, the Havanese puppies come under the toy group. As per the Kennel Association gave the information, the average weight of the should be around 7 to 15 lbs. If compared to the adult Havanese, the puppies come with a shorter coat. The length of the skin can be approximately seven to eight inches. Besides, the coat comes in wavy or curly, with colors ranging from white, blue, silver, cream, black, and more. So, you can choose one based on your preference. However, don’t cut the coat as it protects them from the sun.

All The Required Things That You Should Know About Havanese Puppies
All The Required Things That You Should Know About Havanese Puppies

Information About Havanese Training

Havanese puppies are quite smart, playful, and affectionate. Besides, they are very friendly too. So, unlike other toy dog breeds, you can easily train them. Strat socializing them with others when they are puppies. So that they can recognize accepted behavior early.

Information About Feeding The Havanese Puppies

Always prefer to buy the Havanese from a reputed and professional breeder. The reason behind this is finding a healthy puppy is quite a difficult task. In detail, only a professional breeder can give you a certificate. Remember that the Havanese stomachs are very sensitive and you need to be very careful about it. However, it will be better for you to give food that the breeders used to give them. The puppies tend to have loose stools when you introduced to unfamiliar foods. Don’t give them too many treats. In fact, three controlled meals in a day are enough for them. However, after six months, you can feed them for two times in a day.

Health-Related Information That You Need To Know

All The Required Things That You Should Know About Havanese Puppies
All The Required Things That You Should Know About Havanese Puppies

Mostly, this breed is very healthy, and with some efforts, you can find healthy Havanese puppies. However, there are some genetic conditions that they can develop with time. Some of the conditions are a cherry eye, liver shunts, deafness, cataracts, and more. But you can keep the puppies healthy with proper scheduled visits or vaccination sessions. So, maintain a proper health checkup book and vaccinate them on time.

Remember that when they are trained properly, the puppies can grow into dogs that can compete in different dog sports, for example, agility and flyball. However, it depends on how well you care and train them. It has also seen that such dogs can help people undergoing therapy. So, bring a Havanese puppy now to your home.