What You Need To Know About Puppy Care

newborn orphan puppy care

Newborn orphan puppies are often given up to shelters and rescues due to their parents’ inability to look after them. If you have a newborn baby, there are quite a few things you will need to do in order to take care of him properly. You will need to learn the basic needs of your newborn pet so that you will know how to provide him with all that he needs in his first few months. There are also some special needs that only a newborn has to be cared for.

A Mother Dog Needs To Feed Her Puppies Regularly

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This is especially important if she is still nursing. A mother can’t take care of her puppies properly without feeding them. Even if she does not nurse them, she still needs to give them food occasionally during the day and keep an eye on their behavior and condition.

Puppies need to go to the bathroom as well. It is not enough for you to simply allow them to use the litter box. They will not be able to hold themselves to do it on their own when they are still small, so they need to be taught to use the bathroom. The best way to train your puppy is by using positive reinforcement. If they follow your command to urinate, then praise them profusely for it.

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Another thing that a newborn puppy needs to have done is to get to the toilet. This is especially true if he has just been born. He may not be able to hold himself over long distances, and thus you will need to get him to the litter box quickly. A baby crate can help with this, as it can block out the sound of a crying baby inside it. When the puppy wakes up in the morning, he will not be able to tell whether or not he urinated in the litter box, since he won’t be able to hear it anyway.

It is also extremely important for a new born puppy to get used to you as his master. This means that you will need to learn how to control him, and not try to force him around. It is a natural instinct for a puppy to want to please his owner. However, it is important to remember that he is still a puppy and does not know any better. Take it easy while training him, and praise him profusely when he does something right.

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The same rule applies for potty training your new born puppy. You need to teach him that going outside means going to the toilet. Once he knows this, he will go outside on his own. If he goes out without bothering you, praise him so that he learns what he is doing right. Continue the training even after he gets used to going outdoors, as he may not understand why he is being punished when he is outdoors otherwise.

In this stage of life, a newborn puppy is very delicate and may even have a few accidents. If you notice this happening to your puppy, do not punish him in a harsh manner. Simply pick him up by his scruff and place him in his carrier and carry him to the designated area. Once he has spent some time alone there, play with him and let him explore.

Final Thoughts

A newborn puppy may have some behavior issues as well. Some puppies tend to bark constantly, some chew on things, and others can be destructive. You will need to work with your vet trainer to correct these issues. By using these tips on New Born Puppy Care, you can make sure that your puppy has a happy and healthy childhood.

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