What Games Can I Play With My Puppy?

What Games Can I Play With My Puppy?

Puppies are very energetic, and they always love to get engaged in some form of activities. Games are not just the way to keep the puppies engaged but also allows you to bond with them.

Moreover, when you play a game with your puppy, it helps them gain many new skills that are necessary to keep them going. Here are some great games that you can play with your puppy. 


What Games Can I Play With My Puppy?
What Games Can I Play With My Puppy?

Fetch is the game that most of the pet owners love to play with the puppy. This game allows you to teach the puppy to listen to your call and come near you. It also makes your puppy fetch anything and bring it to you.

Call your puppy, command it to sit, and then throw the toy. You can encourage the puppy to bring the toy back to you. You can call out your puppy’s name, shower the puppy with praises for energizing the puppy when it is away from you so that it comes and bring the toy back to you.

When he gets the toy to you, tell your puppy to drop it. Moreover, it is essential to praise the puppy and give the puppy treats for following the instructions. 

Finding Your Toy

A fascinating game that you have is to make your puppy find it’s a toy. Finding the toy is a suitable means to make your puppy make use of its sense for smell and brain.

Moreover, it can even prepare the puppy to track things. It would be best if you named each toy that your puppy has so that it becomes easier for the puppy to differentiate between them.

For starting the game, always choose the favorite toy of your puppy. It would help if you first understood whether your puppy identifies the toy by its name. You can say the toy’s name and check whether the puppy is looking at you.

You can then teach your puppy the command find by first hiding the toy under the towel. Praise the puppy when it finds it, and if not, repeat the command until it understands it. You should gradually hide the toy in such a way that the puppy should be capable of finding the toy from anywhere you find it.

It is a game that can gradually make you puppy a professional tracker. 

Tug Of War Games

Tug of war is another game that most of the puppies love. You should buy a rope to play with your puppy. However, playing with any toy of your puppy also works for the game.

You can play the game by acting as if you are pulling it very hard, even when you are not. Let the puppy take the toy sometimes and praise it for the wins. However, you should not allow your puppy to break the rules like biting or grabbing anything else than the toy.

You should stop the game if your puppy violates the rules. Moreover, this game allows you to teach the puppy to drop, and you can give treats when the puppy does. Repeating this command so many times will make the puppy drop without any treats. 

Challenging Games

What Games Can I Play With My Puppy?
What Games Can I Play With My Puppy?

Puppies always love challenges, and it is something that can keep your puppy happy, both mentally and physically. These games are also where you can be very creative. You can design an obstacle course as per your creativity and make your puppy cross it.

When your puppy conquers the challenges, you should praise it and also give treats. You can create such an obstacle course inside your home or in the yard.

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