What Are The Easiest Dogs To Own

A dog in a grassy field

Planning to bring a dog at home? Some breeds are easy to handle at home. To find the natural kind, you have to search for some essential characteristics. They should be smart as well as intelligent, and it won’t be easy to train them. Always choose a dog who needs low maintenance, with minimum grooming. So, below are some breeds by which you will get an idea to choose What Are The Easiest Dogs to Own.

Basset Hound Easiest Dogs

Basset hound are from American Kennel Club, they are meant as easy going and lazy dogs. These dogs are of medium size, and they are not very active. You have to appreciate this breed with extreme patience; these dogs are easy to train in spite of laziness they perform well at various dog sports. You have to take your dog on a daily walk. A Basset Hound loves the people, and he connects the bond with people speedy, and at the same time, he is obedient too. They require less grooming. Basset hounds are meant as healthy breed dogs.

What Are The Easiest Dogs to Own

What Are The Easiest Dogs to Own


Beagle are easy-going dogs; they are loving, happy, easy-going, and companionable. They need daily exercise because they are very active. Beagle is a people-pleasing breed, he loves to play outside, and he meant as an outgoing dog. Beagle expected as the most popular dog with merry nature. He is a very healthy dog breed.

Easiest Dogs to Own: Bichon fries

If you want a friendly dog, this is the one; this dog is a great friend for adults and children. According to AKC, bichon has a bundle of energy; that’s why he needs a daily walk and play session. Bichon likes to go walking, to run, and also to go for a long drive. Bichon mix with other dogs easily. He is good-tempered, obedient, and affectionate.

Bulldog: Easiest Dog to Own

If you are searching for the mellow dog, go for a bulldog. This dog breed is calm and friendly. A great combination is there with this dog medium size with a moderate energy level. Bulldog meant for exercise, but regularly, he needs to walk. Bulldog is very intelligent, that’s why you can train your dog successfully. They don’t shout as much as other breeds do. They are snorting and grunting.

What Are The Easiest Dogs to Own

What Are The Easiest Dogs to Own

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These dogs are of active types at the same they are loyal to their partners. It depends upon the owner to take them out for a walk every day. Their energy level is moderate; that’s why they need exercise every day. They attract the people in such a way as strawberry jam attracts peanut butter towards them. Cavalier likes the empty lap; as soon as he will see empty lap, he will jump on it. This dog loves curling up, running outside you can say spaniel is a faithful companion.

Corgi: Easiest Dog to Own

Favorite dog of Queen Elizabeth II- Corgi will quickly steal your heart, dog with a lot of personalities. This dog breed is too smart, active, bold, and kindly. These dogs are aggressive, but they need daily exercise regularly to adapt to any living situation. It is said by AKC report that time which you spend in your dog training, especially one year, he will repay that time by giving you, well-behaved companion.

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