Want To Have Some Space After Feeding Your Pets? Get This Collapsible Food Bowl, And You Gonna Love It

A collapsible Food bowl is the most convenient and, at the same time, saves space in your kitchen since the bowl can be folded after use. It can be fit in any corner of your house, and without any trouble you can find it from anywhere.

It’s durable material, which is designed to be safe for all universal dog breeds. It means there is no sign of danger to your dog from it. It is made up of silicone which is a versatile material used in many do-it-yourself projects. It’s the thing which your naughty dog can’t break from his puppy teeth.

It makes bowls more comfortable to carry and use, and it is suitable due to its compact size and excellent built quality, and its part are positioned together in a tidy way. Its size is also described as mentioned below.

Offers a variety of colors option in it with a side lock and available in different shade such as Black/Red/Blue/Green/Purple/Yellow/White. Trust us; your dogs will like all the color options available here.

In this guide, let’s investigate some of the specifications and well as pros and cons of the Collapsible Food Bowl for pets if you want to buy them in the future.


  •        Material: Silicone
  •        Top Diameter: 13.0 cm
  •        Bottom Diameter: 9.0 cm
  •        Type: Dogs
  •        Color: Black/Red/Blue/Green/Purple/White/Yellow
  •        Capacity: 350ml 
  •        Applicable dog breed: Universal
  •        Item Type: Universal

Package includes: 

  • Collapsible Food Bowl
A green bowl on a table


  1. It offers you the convenience to carry around.
  2. It saves space since the bowl can be folded after use.
  3. Safer for dogs. Its material is meant to be safer for all universal types of dog breed.
  4. It makes the bowl easier to carry and store wherever you want.
  5. Great investment for your loving four legs, friend.
  6. It has a lock to fix this bowl at a certain place.
  7. Available in different colors, which your dog likes the most.
  8. The material is durable and long-lasting.
  9. It’s having a capacity of 350ml.
Shape, circle


  1. It easily gets dirt spots due to its bright color.


Collapsible Food Bowl for pets is a great investment for your dogs with a vast variety of color options and genuine build quality. Its foldable quality makes it unique and stylish at the same time. Easy to carry and store, which saves space in your house without any worries. Its material is durable, and on the other side, which also makes it different that it’s safer for all universal dogs. Its capacity is enough to fill your pet needs one at a time—a great choice of buying. However, the colors might get dirty if you pick the bright color option such as white or yellow.

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