Training For Puppies

Training For Puppies

Training for puppies is essential to make them learn habits and manners like your child. This training is about positive reinforcement, practices and builds a bond with puppies. Generally, puppies take 4 to 6 months to learn everything.

Moreover, some pets may take a year for training. If your puppy is new to you and your house, it will take time to learn new habits accordingly. Don’t worry about that! Take your puppies out for daily routine and give them rewards so that they can learn happily. All puppies are not the same as long as you take the time to train them. Some learn fast and some slow.

Start Training For Puppies?

Recommended time for training your puppies is when they are 12 or 14 weeks. You can start training after they adapt to the capacity of holding bladder and bowel movements. House training is essential when you take them to your home from a pet shop. They are habituated to be in a cage, but now they have to learn house habits. You need a passion to train them. Training should be smooth and appreciable with rewards.

Training For Puppies
Training For Puppies

Steps For Training

However, experts always recommend giving space like a room, crate, or leash to your puppies. Don’t allow them to roam around before training. As training starts, they will learn that they have to go out for potty and all as per the schedule. Here are the steps to follow while training.

Keep the feeding schedule regular

Take outside after the meal

Take them to the same place for potty

Stay with puppies when they are out

Training Tips For Puppies

Always observe puppies’ activities, and you will get the sign of taking them outside. Whining, sniffing, circling, barking, and scratching the door of a crate are some of the symptoms. Moreover, as you show signs, take them outside straight away. Never leave your pets outside alone without completing the training. It may cause an accident. Train them thoroughly to avoid accidents. If exercise doesn’t work, then visit a veterinarian with your pet.

Do’s and Don’ts for Potty Training

Never punish them for their mistakes

Appreciate them

Don’t react angrily

Stay out with them initially

Clean up the dirty space with an enzymatic cleaner

Never use ammonia-based filters

Training For Puppies
Training For Puppies

Use A Crate For Training

In the short term, in the beginning, a crate is very useful to train puppies and know about the signs of the daily schedule. You can close the door of the crate and only allow puppies to come out as per time table. You can keep an eye on them in the crate. Some tips for training with crate:

  • Choose a crate size according to the number of the puppies
  • If you are keeping puppies in the crate for long hours make sure to provide them water and food inside
  • When you are out than arrange a person who can care for puppies

Train your puppies until they learn your desired habits. Always treat them with love and care. They don’t have an understanding of the relation between your anger and the activities they have done. So, no meaning to show anger to them.

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