Tips on Choosing the Correct Dog Or Cat Litter Box

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They are also perfect products to make sure a smooth transition from indoors to an outdoor litter box use. The litter box is placed inside a crate or doggie bed so that the dog can be confined while eliminating. Most of these boxes contain chemicals that kill germs and animals when they come into contact with them. If you notice your dog eliminating inside a box, then it is time to purchase a new one.

When purchasing a dog litter box for puppies, there are some things you will need to consider. First, where is this going to be placed? It has to be in an area where your puppy can easily see it. This is most often under your kitchen or near your family room. Make sure that the spot you choose is completely safe for your dog. It should be a place that they can be around other pets as well, but it should not be placed next to areas with small children or other pets.

Synthetic Grasses

A cat sitting on a table

Many new pet owners like the idea of using a dog litter box that contains real grass or a synthetic grass insert. Synthetic grasses are becoming more popular for homes with smaller children since it is easier for children to clean up than real grass. Some even choose real grass because it is more affordable than artificial grass and maintenance is generally less. Dog owners who live in areas where there is limited or no access to natural grass often use these types of boxes instead. They love their pet and want to give them the best life possible, but they are unable to get the type of grass they need because of the cost.

If you do have access to natural grass, then a great choice for a dog litter box is a plastic tray with a real grass insert. These are available at many retailers and are a great solution for busy people. The only drawback to these plastic trays is that they are difficult to clean. They may need to be washed several times before they are usable again.

Color Choices

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Some dog owners prefer color choices when choosing their litter box. Natural or brown colored material plastic is popular. These choices make a great heating material because they keep litters nice and warm for long periods of time. However, they can become dirty very quickly and are not recommended for areas that are subject to extreme heat. This includes areas that are outside.

Some dogs have mobility issues and cannot easily stand on their own for long periods of time. If your dog has difficulty standing or sitting on its own, then a high sided litter box would be a better option. These are great for those dogs that are unable to use the high sides of an indoor box. If you have older puppies that are not potty trained yet, then consider using odor eliminators. 


These odors work by neutralizing the smell of urine. It is best to choose an odor eliminator that is made for dogs that are potty trained. There are odors that are designed to neutralize the smell of urine but can still cause some pet anxiety. Potty trained dogs have greater protection against odors because they already know they will not be exposed to the same conditions. Litter boxes have been made to fit cats and dogs. However, there are differences when it comes to their size. Cats need to have a much larger litter box than dogs. Therefore, when purchasing a litter box for your cat, it is important to measure the opening to ensure it is large enough. Make sure that it is also comfortable for your cat and that it is easy for you to clean out.

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