Things To Know About Pomeranian Puppy

Things To Know About Pomeranian Puppy

Any person looking to start an active dog will likely become concerned when faced with a Pomeranian puppy. This breed of dog is known for its inquisitive nature and is very capable of being unruly, so they are often the type of dog you would want to take on short trips to play fetch.

There are some things you can do to help your dog to be a happier companion. Here are some tips for introducing a Pomeranian puppy to new surroundings.

Pomeranian Puppy

Things To Know About Pomeranian Puppy
Things To Know About Pomeranian Puppy

The Pomeranian is also an excellent watchdog, with a very sharp sense of smell. It’s also excellent in tracking people and chasing people as well. It loves to chase anything it can catch, so you should have a strong case that the puppy is indeed yours.

If you are going to give the puppy access to new places and activities, it’s essential to make sure that the puppy is kept in an active house and not left alone. Even when the puppy is in a puppy crate, it’s always important to keep it busy and active. They are one of the best dogs for a family that has other children.

House Training

The first step in house training a Pomeranian puppy is to make sure it understands who is in charge. Each time it barks at someone, simply say “NO!” before moving on to the next command.

Another thing the pup needs to learn is when it is allowed to lie down. So while taking it outside, it’s essential to bring it to stand still, either using your hands or your feet. It’s then a good idea to give it a treat when it does what you want.

Keep in mind that the puppy is curious. So it’s essential to have it wear a collar or some other type of identification. By being familiar with the house rules, you can teach the puppy when it is allowed to go out to play.

Another idea is to take the puppy to areas that are unfamiliar and make sure that it is familiar with them. Make sure that it knows where there food and water are in the house. This will help you keep it from becoming bored or uncertain about things that are going on.

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When the puppy does something wrong, don’t punish it. Instead, repeat the word “NO” while continuing to make sure that it hears you correctly. You can say this many times and even every time that the puppy barks.

Don’t forget that a new pet will need to be bathed and groomed often. You can brush the puppy’s hair while it’s getting its nails trimmed and don’t be afraid to give it a bath. If possible, try to find a vet that can perform nail trimming and bathe for the puppy.

Make sure that the puppy is given lots of praise after doing things right. You can make it feel really good by offering a treat and taking the dog outside immediately after completing a task. This will keep it from feeling anxious and will keep it happy.

Bottom Line

Things To Know About Pomeranian Puppy
Things To Know About Pomeranian Puppy

A Pomeranian puppy should be easy to train and is not going to be difficult. As long as you understand the dog’s needs and don’t get frustrated with it, you should have no problems with introducing a Pomeranian puppy to your family. These are some things to know when looking to start a dog as a family pet.

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