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Beekeeping scientifically called apiculture is the maintenance of bee colonies. Beekeeping mating boxes are man made beehives where thousands of male honey bees are kept along with a queen bee for mating. In the box, small honey bee colonies are created from larger colonies. The beekeeping box is used to prevent bees from forming and depart in a swarm. 

Beekeeping Mating Box For Queen Pollination Beehive

When you decide to start beekeeping the most important decision you have to make is to choose the correct beekeeping box. There are three types of boxes they are:-

  • Langstroth
  • Warre
  • Top Bar

The most modular, expandable, and the preferable box is the Langstroth. The beehive box is made from plastic and provides better insulation protecting your bees from extreme heat and cold. Keeping a population of bees in small containers gives you a higher success rate of cultivating the queen than that in larger groups. The box also comes with an anti-escape feature ensuring that your bees are always in check. The plastic box is not that heavy which makes it easier for you to move. A beekeeping mating box should have two broods where all the eggs are stored and raised by the queen bee. The top cover of the box should be strong and firm that would keep the water outside and protect the bees. The inner cover of the box acts as a barrier between the outside and inside of the box. It has notches on the sides that increase the ventilation so that your frames don’t become mouldy in bad weather conditions. Inside there are frames with food-grade and added beeswax so that bees draw that out and make a hexagon comb on top of it. In the bottom there is a screen bottom board that helps to control mites and also increases ventilation. When the bees are trying to dry out the Hector for honey. It helps the bees to get all the moisture out of the hives. Let’s look at some benefits and downsides of beekeeping mating boxes.

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  • net weight Approx 308g
  • color as the picture show
  • TYPE 1 Bee Mating Copulation
  • TYPE 2 Beehive Queen Pollination
  • TYPE 3 Queen Pollination
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  • You will get bees waxes which is used to make lipsticks and lip balms
  • You get to enjoy your organic honey
  • You’ll have extra income
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  • There are chances of getting stung by the bee which can be very painful
  •  The initial cost of beekeeping can be very intimidating 
  •  Diseases, pesticides, and parasites are the most common troubles encountered by bees.


Beekeeping is an activity that is beneficial for nature as well as humans. Taking into consideration all the above points you can decide whether you want to buy the beekeeping mating box or not. Several factors should be taken into account while selecting the box like the location, cost, size, box stand, maintenance, quality, etc. 

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