The Best Puppy Toys For Small Puppies

small puppy toys

Small puppies are very active and if they get bored they can quickly become a problem for you. It is important to provide your puppy with small puppy toys that will keep him occupied and engaged. If you are new to owning dogs or have not been able to place your dog with other dogs, it may be difficult to understand how your pet feels when another dog is playing with him or her. Some dogs may become overly excited, while others may be more passive.

Best Puppy Toys For Small Puppies

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It is important to find the best interactive puppy toys because they will allow your pet to play with different things and will keep him or her busy for hours on end. If your dog loves to hide under the bed or in the corner of the room, then you need to find an interactive toy that allows him or her to do so. If your puppy chews on your belongings, then buying plastic or metal puzzles for the rooms that you don’t want him chewing on is the answer. These puzzles are very affordable and are available in several sizes. There are also wooden puzzles available that look and act like a real wooden toy but won’t cut your belongings.

Small Toy Poddle

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Another great option for small toy poodle toys are treats. If you buy the right toy, then you can keep your dog busy for hours as he or she eats the treat without ever removing it. Treat balls that come with pieces of cuttlebone or small shrimp or chicken bones make for a terrific option. The bones are strong and durable, and will not break under the stresses that your pet places on them.

For something a little more high tech and a little less messy, you might want to consider an electronic toy or game. Most of these interactive playthings are small, about the size of a large marble or cookie cutter, and are battery operated. This type of toy can be used to teach your little lab different tricks, such as fetching, shaking hands, and other activities. These toys should be supervised by an adult, but should be played with every day until your little lab is fully housebroken.

In addition to rope toys, there are other types of rope toys that are available. The softest of these are made from 100 percent cotton. Your lab can cuddle with it and snuggle for hours while being safely tethered to the rope. These products are perfect to use when you have a long road trip planned, or if you’re taking your dog with you on vacation.

Nylon Nylabone Toy

Nylon Nylabone is a relatively new item in the toy market. These toys are small, soft, and virtually indestructible. They are made with a laminated nylon material which is durable but not as tough as Nylabone. The nylon is coated on one side with an anti-tarnish polymer and the other with a plastic polyolefin. These toys are great for your labs’ dental health, as they won’t cause any damage to their teeth.

Small puppies love to chew. Choosing the best puppy toys will take a little time and effort, but is an important part of training your puppy. Puppies need to learn what “bad” behavior is, so you should begin crate training right away. You should also play with them every day to teach them where to do their best puppy behaviors.


If you’d like to buy some additional puppy toys to give to your young puppy, Nylabone makes a line of quality nylon dog toys. Nylabone makes a line of nylon toys for all sizes of puppies! This is the best option if you have questions about whether or not your dog will have a problem with large hard, crunchy adult teeth. A nylon dog bone is an ideal solution to keeping your young puppy from biting and chewing his own nails.

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