The 5 Best Dog Breeds For Guarding Your Home – Number 4 is My Favorite

The majority of pet owners will tend to keep dogs just for companionship. However, other pet lovers will go ahead and keep a dog for a different reason; security. Certain dog breeds are better known for their protectiveness than any other. Such dog breeds have particular characteristics that suit this purpose, like alertness, confidence, and intelligence. While most people tend to consider Rottweilers and Dobermans as the ultimate guard dogs, there are also other dog breeds that are equally fearless, which you might not have heard of, like the Belgian Laekenois, Thai Ridgeback.

Below are several breeds of dogs you should now be searching, if you are looking forward to improving the security of your home;

German Shepherds

First on our list is the German shepherd. This particular dog breed will risk their lives to save that of their masters. Furthermore, they are regarded as working dogs with numerous exceptional traits making it easy for them to learn different tasks. Their level of intelligence combined with their level of courage makes them excellent police dogs, may it be in guarding a single-family home or in law enforcement.

Additionally, this dog breed has a muscular but acrobatic physique that puts them at an advantage over any intruder. Of importance also to note is that German Shepherds are gentle with those they care for, and they can do anything to save them, meaning they are very royal.

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