Stimulate Dogs Powerful Sense of Smell and Built to Stimulate Natural Foraging Instincts! Get This!

Dog owners out there! Want to stimulate your furry friend’s senses? Take this pet training blanket that is designed to satisfy a dog’s natural curiosity and also boost its sense of smell. Use this treat puzzle mat to hide your pet’s favorite snacks. Let your dog hunt for food or utilize this mat whenever bored. This blanket is soft, non-toxic, resistant to tearing, and easy to clean. 

Training Mat/Blanket For Dogs

As a dog owner, you need the right training tools for your pet. This treat puzzle mat is designed to mimic the dog’s hunt for food in fields and grass, eventually satisfying its natural curiosity while enhancing the sense of smell.  The blanket also allows your pet to enjoy attentive play when no one is there to play with it. As a result, it keeps your furry friend busy and relieves boredom or stress.

This training mat comes in an interesting flower shape. It features a colorful design that makes it attractive to pets. Made from eco-friendly, non-toxic, and long-lasting fabric, the mat helps dogs forage just like it does outdoors. It has a non-slip bottom that prevents slipping. The mat is resistant to biting and tearing so makes for a perfect companion for naughty pets. Fetch this mat and make your furry friend happier than before!

Are you too busy to take your pet out for walks? Not a problem anymore! Get this mat for your beloved pet and you are done. As 10 to 15 minutes sniffing on this mat is equal to an hour of outdoor running or walking, the mat is beneficial for both you and your dog. What’s more? This mat relieves your pet’s addiction to biting furniture and other belongings. Thanks to its exceptional molar strip!

This mat is suitable for most dog breeds and even for cats and mini pigs. The mat is machine washable and also dryer safe. It is foldable and hence ideal to carry to parks, grounds, and more!


Material: Polyester

Size: about 45 x 45 cm

Stimulate Dogs Powerful Sense of Smell and Built to Stimulate Natural Foraging Instincts! Get This!

Pros Of Training Mat/Blanket For Dogs

  • Efficient puzzle training mat with non-slip bottom.
  • Trains dog’s sense of smell.
  • Encourages attentive play.
  • Reduces stress.
  • Promotes curiosity.
  • Safe and high quality.
  • Foldable and washable.
Stimulate Dogs Powerful Sense of Smell and Built to Stimulate Natural Foraging Instincts! Get This!

Cons Of Training Mat/Blanket For Dogs

  • The mat may be small for some dogs.
  • You may find it hard to remove grease marks from the mat.


This pet training mat in an attractive flower shape and fun colors can be arbitrarily manipulated to train dogs to forage and enhance their smelling power. It is also a great tool to keep pets away from stress or boredom. If your furry friend has grinding teeth, the mat will lessen its addiction to biting furniture. As the mat is non-toxic, anti-slip, and resistant to wear and tear, it is great for dog owners. You can also use the mat for cats, rabbits, and pigs.

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