Puppy Training Tips

puppy tips

There’s just something about a puppy. The excitement of their arrival is powerful, and they quickly become a part of your family. Unfortunately, this rush of happiness and pure love is also almost too much to handle. So why not share those elated puppy moments only with your closest, trusted companion? Here are eight most common puppy mistakes and easy new puppy tips to correcting these behaviors:

* Socializing your puppy – 

Puppy Training

One of the easiest puppy tips is to socialize your puppy to his environment, people, and other dogs as soon as you bring him home. Don’t try to introduce your puppy to all of the new things in the house one at a time. Instead, allow a socialization session with a couple of the new puppy items every day – perhaps once or twice a day. This will help your puppy become comfortable and will encourage him to explore and interact with other people and animals in your home.

* Letting your friendzy puppy get away – 

Puppy Training

Many puppy tips include letting your friendzy puppy get away sometimes. Puppies have an innate urge to explore their surroundings, and exploring is one of puppy’s favorite activities. If you take the puppy out every day to the park, he’ll never grow up to be a well-behaved dog. On the other hand, if you take the puppy out to the car to drive around, the puppy can get a little bored and restless. So it’s best to limit these excursions to special occasions like birthdays, holidays, or just while you’re taking the puppy out to play in the yard.

* Doing things together – 

Puppy is by nature a social animal. That’s why puppy training tips encourage getting puppies home together as often as possible. By playing, letting each other look at the same things, and reading each others’ body language, the puppy will learn that you’re a friend. Once you introduce them to new things like going to the bathroom at the same time, or looking at the same objects, they’ll start to see each other more frequently.

* Baby gates – 

Socialization is also important when puppies are young. You can’t effectively socialize a puppy not to trust until they are at least four months old. At four months old, puppies are still discovering their surroundings, and trying to figure out what others do and don’t do. By introducing baby gates, puppy will learn to stay put when they see moms or dads or another adult at the door. Once a puppy realizes that he can stay in his little zone when nobody’s there, he’ll feel safer and will develop his trust of people.

* Socialization and baby gates – 

Socialization, along with baby gates, is the final piece of puppy training advice. Once a puppy has learned all the fundamentals, the only thing left to teach him is how to actually play and interact with others. Some puppy training experts believe that puppies learn best by having consistent interaction and communication with the people around them. You can accomplish this by making sure that your puppy always has some kind of entertainment to keep him occupied while you’re busy doing chores, playing with him in the house, or simply being around when he’s waiting for you to arrive home from work.

A great tip for puppy owners who are away from home for long periods of time is to get puppy-proof toys. Puppies who are forced to stay in just one spot all day may develop anxiety issues, and if left in a small crate for long periods, a puppy may even start developing psychological problems like separation anxiety and excessive barking. If you take puppy’s out every few hours to a couple of hours, you should be able to reduce puppy’s barking drastically and socialization and puppy training tips such as puppy gates will be a lot easier.

Other tips on puppy training tips include having your puppy leashed often, so that it feels like it is safe to go outside instead of staying inside all day. You should also train puppy to come when called, by using praise, toys, and other methods. If you notice any behaviors that are out of the ordinary when you take puppy outside, make an appointment with your veterinarian immediately. A healthy well socialized puppy is better for everyone, and your own sanity at the same time.

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