Puppy Teething Tips – What Are The Best Toys For Puppy Teething

best toys for puppy teething

You might be wondering what are the best toys for puppy teething? Puppies are cute, cuddly, adorable little babies, but they can also be a handful. Just like you, your puppy will want to chew and bite all things that it can get its hand on. Because puppies are going through a lot of changes as they are growing up, their teeth, gums and skin are all in need of attention.

About Puppy Teething

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Because they are unable to do this for themselves, puppies will chew on almost anything within reach. In your home alone, there are probably hundreds of different items that they could chew on. The problem is not only that they are ripping apart your belongings, but they can be damaging some items, such as those that are not suitable for your pet. Because this is one of the leading causes of teething problems, it is important to understand which are the best toys for puppy teething.

If you have ever had a baby before, you will understand why puppies will chew on certain objects. They will do this to stimulate their jaws and keep their little teeth from getting too far down. Because they cannot fully chew, most puppies will gnaw on soft plush toys. Plush toys are soft, cuddly and therefore very much suited to puppies. By giving your puppy a toy to gnaw on, you are less likely to have him damage the item.

Best Toys For Puppy Teething

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One of the best toys for puppy teething is dog-eared fleece. It makes a great teething pillow, because it is soft, plush and comfortable. It is made of man-made fleece and thus is hypoallergenic. This type of fleece is used widely by pet stores because they know that it is a safe, hypoallergenic material.

Other toys that your puppy may enjoy chewing on include old socks, rubber bands and plastic lollipops. Puppies need to chew on something to help them chew on another thing. So, they need something soft to chew on. A toy made of soft plush materials is what most puppies prefer. You can also make your own puppy toys out of old clothes, socks or rubber bands.

Variety Of Different Toys

Another good idea is to offer your puppy a variety of different toys during his teething period. When he has a favorite treat he likes to chew on, try offering him that toy a couple of times each day. Each time he has the treat, throw in another treat. Your puppy will eventually learn to only chew on that particular toy. Soon, you will no longer have to offer your puppy a treat, as he will figure out what to chew on.

Be sure not to overdo it with the toys. Puppies tend to chew on anything they can get their mouth around so, don’t make everything available. If you must, place a few toys in one area of your house and leave the rest spread throughout other areas of your home. Leave some toys off to the floor where your puppy can have some alone time. This way he won’t have to chew on everything he can reach. He will, however, have plenty to chew on when he is teething.

Final Thoughts

Puppy toys for teething do not have to be expensive. You can often find high quality toys at a great price. You can buy high quality toys online at a discount. There are even some pet stores that sell toys that are specifically made for puppies during this time. When your puppy does his teething ritual, you will want to offer him a toy he enjoys, so he doesn’t dread having to chew on it. That way he won’t have to put too much energy into removing it!

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