Puppy Care – How to Give Your Newborn Puppy Care

newborn puppy care 101

Newborn Puppy Care 101 is your new puppy’s entry into the world. You know, he is just a baby. You probably think nothing of it, until you get that first look in the eye and see those cute puppy eyes staring back at you. You had to look twice, then again to confirm that your eyes were glassy. You’ve never been happier or more exhausted as you looked into those cute little puppy eyes. It was like a dream come true.

An Overview

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Your newborn puppy has one very important job to do: To follow you. You are his guide and his shadow in this new life. Now, that you have a newborn puppy to take care of, you will have to make sure that he is doing what you tell him to do and then some. He may not always listen, but he will most likely follow and do what you say.

One of the first things that you will learn when taking care of a newborn puppy is that he has to walk on a leash. He is still a puppy so you may need to practice leash training with him as much as possible. Your puppy will eventually learn to do this without you saying anything and soon you will have to be on the defensive when he doesn’t listen to you.

Purchase Tips

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If you want to take things a few steps further, you can actually purchase a puppy harness. These puppy harnesses work on the same theory as the harnesses your dog had when he was just a puppy. The idea is to get your puppy used to being close to people, and being on a leash. This will help in training the new born puppy to listen to you, and to follow you. It also gives the puppy something to grab onto if he is trying to run away from you.

Another important part of taking care of your newborn puppy is taking him to see his vet. By doing this you will be able to catch any problems before they become too big. Newborn puppies are prone to getting common puppy illnesses like colds and ear infections. The vet will be able to catch these problems and fix them with antibiotics. Even if the problem seems like a little one, it could turn into a big problem if not treated right away.


Puppy care involves grooming and brushing on a regular basis. Your puppy will need this done on a consistent basis. This will help to keep their skin healthy and it will also make their teeth stronger. You should clip the nails of your puppy every three weeks for maximum health benefits.

There are some special things that you should do in order to make your newborn puppy more comfortable. First of all, set up his crate so he will go to sleep in there. Try to find a soft towel or pillow that can be placed in the crate so that he will feel more comfortable. Also try to choose one that has no scent and is easy to wash in the washing machine. There are many different choices out there for this one.


These are only a few tips that you can use to take good care of your newborn puppy. They may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but as long as you follow the basic tips and do as much research as possible, you will be fine. Puppies grow up fast and you want to be able to provide your puppy with everything he needs to grow up happy and healthy. By taking proper care of your puppy, you will be able to give him the best life possible.

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