Puppy Care: How To Care For Your Puppy?

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Puppy Care: How To Care For Your Puppy?
Puppy Care: How To Care For Your Puppy?

Puppies are just like our children once we adopt them. Even if we don’t adopt a puppy, stray dogs to need care and love. Puppy care is very much natural.

Why Puppy Care Is Important?

All one needs to do, is take care of puppies. You need to love them with all their heart and give much attention to their growing age. With the addition of a new member to the family, comes in new responsibilities. These responsibilities help the owner understand their duties towards the furball of happiness.

Puppy Care: Things To Do

Puppy Care: How To Care For Your Puppy?
Puppy Care: How To Care For Your Puppy?

Puppy care is very much necessary for the puppies to help proper growth. Although the puppies are just as innocent and cute as any baby. However, they need proper nourishment, love, and care from their families. There are certain things; the owners need to keep in mind while taking protection or the puppy.

Finding A Good Vet

Finding the right vet is one of the primary necessities for proper care. Proper nourishment needs taking off the puppy all over, and mainly over their health.

Well Nourished Healthy Puppy

A healthy puppy kept well and nourished, but puppies having illness need extra love. Taking one’s puppies to a right vet will lessen the risk of early growth illness.

Buying Quality Food For The New Member

One of the main things one needs to check upon is the quality of food. One can purchase dog food of low quality, which might affect the puppy in the future.

Good quality food for new-born puppies is very much necessary for their proper growth. The growth of the puppy in the early stages is very much crucial and necessary.

Feeding Schedule For Puppies Correlated To Their Age:

Puppies within the age of 6-12 weeks should be fed 4meals a day.

 Puppies between the age of 3-6months should be fed 3meals a day.

Puppies between the age of 6-12months should be fed 2meals a day.

Execute A Bathroom Routine For Puppy Care

Firstly, for healthy growth is proper bathroom routine. Make the puppy understand their place to pee and sweat in the house. It not only helps one to maintain appropriate hygiene but also helps the puppy to understand their bathroom routines.

Vaccination For Puppy Care

The puppy should undergo all the vaccinations and check-ups. However, after that, the owner must help them maintain a proper method to excrete their peeing and pooping.

A Healthy Bathroom Routine Includes:

1.Urinate in the morning after they have completed a nap

2.Pee after drinking lots of water or have had their meals

3.Once before bedtime

4.After running or playing for a long time.

Teaching Obedience

Mostly, everyone wants a puppy which they can train and teach how to behave. These qualities should be inherited to them since a tender age. It is the responsibility of the owner to teach their puppies manners and make them obedient. Although, puppies are very much intelligent and can gather knowledge with appropriate training and with much patience and care.

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