Puppy Care – 7-Week-Old Puppy Care For New Puppy Owners

7 week old puppy care

7-week-old puppies can be a handful to manage for most homeowners. They are quite active at this age and if not taken care of properly, they could grow to be very unmanageable. The reason behind this is that they need extra care just like a toddler would. This is the same reason why most dog owners tend to have them as their pets from the time they were born. Here are a couple of tips that you need to follow for a more manageable relationship with your new pet.

First, you need to observe him every week. Observe how he behaves and responds to situations. Try to keep an eye on his food intake as well as his water intake. You should also make sure that he has been potty trained. Every pup has its own unique personality, so it would be better to socialize him with other people as well as animals.

When you introduce your pup to other people and animals, make sure that you do it safely. Introduce him slowly to people and animals that he knows. You should also make sure that your pup gets enough exercise. Most of all, play with your pup. Puppies love to play so it would be great for you to play along with him once in a while.

7 Week Old Puppy Care

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During the first week of the puppy’s life, you need to keep yourself busy with your pup. You should get him used to his new surroundings such as his crate. The crate serves as a safe haven for the pup where you can leave him undisturbed without worry about leaving any mess. If you are going away on a vacation, you need to leave your pup at home with someone who will take care of him while you are gone. Make sure that you bring someone who is responsible enough to look after your pup while you are away.

During the first week, it is important that you clean your home so that your pup will get used to the smell of his environment. This is very important. Cleaning your home will ensure that your pup will not soil his own area. Before you go out, always make sure that you have cleaned the place so that you won’t be sorry that you forgot to do this task before heading out.

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Puppy Care - 7-Week-Old Puppy Care For New Puppy Owners

When you bring your pup home for the first time, be sure to play with him often. Keep in mind that playing is one of the best ways for your pup to get used to his new environment. Be sure to keep your pup entertained for the entire week so that he will develop a sense of familiarity with his foster home. This will help him feel more secure and less apprehensive.

In the first week, don’t forget to feed your pup. Dogs are known to consume small amounts of food throughout the day because they get easily hungry. However, this should only be done when the dog is healthy and full. Be sure to leave enough room at the end of the day to feed your pup. By doing this, you can avoid over-feeding and undigested foods, which can be harmful to your pup’s health.

Bottom Line

By the third week, you should start to see signs of improvement. Your pup will no longer run around wildly while you are walking by his side. He will also be quieter and adopt a more relaxed attitude towards his surroundings. You can also start to see that he has learned what you are trying to teach him. This will give you more confidence as you continue to do the things that you have been teaching him during the weeks.

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