Puppies Are Afraid of the Dark – Signs

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Being afraid of the dark isn’t uncommon but do we know if puppies are scared of the dark too?

Dogs are unquestionably the most precious souls. Sometimes when you leave for bed, your dogs howl or cries. Could this be because they are afraid of the dark? We understand your concerns as a dog parent. Here are some of the popular signs that dogs are fearful of the dark. 

Signs That Puppies Are Afraid Of The Dark

Dogs have superior night vision. That doesn’t mean that they’re immune to the darkness. They can be scared of darkness too. There could be several things causing this fear. Separation anxiety isn’t uncommon in dogs. 

Perhaps your dog simply doesn’t want to be away from you. Your dog can even experience sight issues. If your dog has general sight problems, darkness may worsen the condition. It could result in anxiety during the night time. 

If it isn’t either of these cases, maybe your dog is simply afraid of the dark. It would mean that when it’s time to retire, your dog will try everything to gain your attention just so that you stay. It could mean whining or jumping on you to signal you. 

You can also notice this if your dog doesn’t move around in dark places and tries to run away from it. A typical move will be if your dog tucks his/her tail between their legs when the lights go off. 

The observations can vary breed to breed. Taking the extra effort of noticing these signs can help you determine these facts. 

Puppies Are Afraid of the Dark - Signs
Puppies Are Afraid of the Dark – Signs

Common Signs Include 






-Closed posture

-Scratching the door repeatedly


History Of Puppies Being Afraid Of The Dark

As wolves evolved into dogs, the bond between humans and dogs developed. Puppies started feeling safer with humans. Instinctively they tend to avoid situations that threaten their safety. Puppies usually relay on humans for safety. Many dogs have separation anxiety. They associate loneliness to fear. Their fear of darkness isn’t always because they can’t see but because they feel uneasy during it. 

The Science Of Puppies Being Scared Of The Dark

Dogs do still have some qualities as their wolf ancestors. Like their sense of smell. Dogs are known for having better night vision. Dogs also have large pupils that allow more light to be processed. They have more light-sensitive cells at the center of their retina when compared. 

A dog’s eye is super equipped for dim-lit situations. It is one of the reasons why they tend to roam around comfortably at night just as they would in the daylight. 

Puppies Are Afraid of the Dark - Signs
Puppies Are Afraid of the Dark – Signs

Training A Puppy That Is Afraid Of The Dark

When you find out that your dog is scared of the dark, don’t be ignorant about it. It can be heartbreaking for some and silly to some others. Being scared is natural for the largest of breeds; this doesn’t make them any less perfect. You can gradually teach them not to be afraid of the dark. 

You can start with dimmers. Use light dimmers so that your dog can get used to dull lighting and doesn’t have to deal with absolute darkness. You can slowly reduce the levels depending on your dog’s reaction to it.

If you’re in a strange dark place, give treats to assure them that it is okay. It’ll help calm them down. Also, speak in a positive and soothing tone to ensure that they feel calm. Each time you practice going through a dark place together, you’re teaching your dog that darkness is okay. 

A great way to teach them to unlearn this fear is by playing with them in dim lighting. This way, your dog would not associate darkness with danger. Spend quality time in the dark with your dog to ensure that your dog feels safe and happy in the dark. 

However, it is essential to understand that training takes patience and time. You cannot expect your dog to be okay with darkness in a day.

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