Promote Healthy Eating, Adjust Pet Weight, Avoid Choking and Prolonging Meal Time! Don’t Miss It!

Slow bowl is a bowl designed with dividers and obstacles, dogs have to put in a lot of effort, precision, and time to finish their meal. One of the big benefits is very obvious, this slow feeder slows down the dog while it is eating. Regular bowls are great for dogs that don’t inhale food,  less likely to choke: A slow feeding process also means that dogs are much less likely to choke food.

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About the pet slow feeder bowl

This slow feeder bowl is manufactured by the brand called Kemisidi and is used for food storage for dogs. It is a plastic bowl and cost 13$. It contain upto 250 ml of food and each package includes one bowl. 

Promote Healthy Eating, Adjust Pet Weight, Avoid Choking and Prolonging Meal Time! Don't Miss It!

Pros of the slow feeder bowl

  • Less likely to choke: The slow feeding process makes the dog much less likely to choke on food. This gives the child time to chew the food before swallowing. 
  • Better digestion: Some dogs eat so quickly that they may vomit afterwards. These bowls give dogs time to digest food so they get the proper nutrients and are less likely to vomit after eating.
  •  Potion Control :Dogs eat longer, so they can feel full when they’re done. The sooner you put the food, the more likely you are to be hungry at the end of the meal. Your stomach hasn’t reached food yet. 
  • Diet changes: Your dog may have gotten used to eating raw foods because he has other dogs that tend to eat from each other’s bowls. Alternatively, it can be a rescue dog with poor nutrition. Slow bowls force dogs to change their eating habits without you having to do anything. 

Cons of slow dog feeder bowls

  • If your dog is particularly fond of eating, there is a risk of damaging their teeth. Some dogs can get frustrated when trying to get food and this can happen if the bowl is made of sturdy materials. However, this is unlikely to happen.
  • If your dog eats a bigger diet then this item may cause your dog to eat a small portion of the bowl.
  • Washing these bowls is probably more difficult because they are so prevalent. The bowl is a puzzle, and the harder it is for a dog to eat, the harder it is to clean.
  • Dogs tend to get confused when eating from these bowls, especially when trying to get food. Some dogs may hit them for being enthusiastic about food.


It’s good to have options when your dog enjoys swallowing his food. If you can’t afford a new feeder for your dog, you can also create your own version of the slow feeder. Filling the muffin box can help slow down the dog. Or, if you don’t mind, try distributing a small amount of food elsewhere. This is a great product to feed your dog in. 

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