Types Of Pet Brush And Their Uses

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Professional pet hair brushes help you groom your pets and keep their skin healthy and neat at all times. It not only sheds the excess hair and prevents it from falling everywhere across your home, but also helps to get rid of fleas, bugs or other insects which might have been thriving inside the fur coat. There are many pet hair brushes on the market, but not all are very efficient and comfortable. Here is a guide on the types of professional pet hairbrush on the market.

Types Of Pet Brush And Their Uses
Types Of Pet Brush And Their Uses

Types Of Professional Pet Hair Brush

Slicker brush

This brush can work for all kinds of dogs. It is not specific to a particular coat only. This brush comes with a flat head that has many rows of thin wire pins that act as bristles. These pins remove all the loose fur and dog hair and also helps in detangling.

Pin brush

A pin brush for dogs is something similar to a slicker brush only. But the only difference is that the pins are tipped with rubber or plastic to avoid hurting the delicate coats of some dogs. These are more suitable for dogs that have silkier coats or for puppies.

Bristle brush

Dogs that have wiry coats or very short coats should be groomed using a bristle brush only. The bristles easily remove all the debris and also makes the coat gleam.

Shedding blade

This dog hairbrush comes in the form of a horseshoe-shaped comb, with a few small teeth. You are supposed to drag it on dog coats to remove all the loose fur or hair.

Undercoat rake

This professional pet hair brush is similar to a pin brush but it has very few pins. The pins are even longer than that of a slicker brush. This brush is best when you need to get in deep onto the skin of the dogs with very heavy or dense coats.


This pet hair brush is the perfect de-shedding tool that not only reduces shedding on your pet but also removes any tangles. The brush comes with an ergonomic handle that makes it very easy to hold and brush. It comes with a button release that quickly releases all the trapped hair. If you brush your dog’s fur coat with this brush frequently, it will help you get rid of all the dead and loose hair and trap it inside its container. This brush reduces shedding by 90%. It comes in various sizes and can be used on all kinds of dogs with different kinds of fur coats. This is an expensive pet hair brush and may not be right for dogs who have a delicate fur coat.

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2-Sided Professional Pet Hair Brush

Types Of Pet Brush And Their Uses

This dog brush’s handle is designed to be comfortable, non-slip, and durable. The ergonomic design fits in your hand perfectly. This tool makes grooming easier with its stainless-steel round teeth. It is safe for pets and helps remove undercoats and loose hair. The brush gently removes loose hair, mats, and tangles. The design is of an all-in-1 tool for dematting, de-shedding, and brushing. So hurry up and grab this brush now for grooming your dog.

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