Potty Training Puppies Can Be Fun and Easy

potty training puppy

Potty accidents are inevitable. One does not expect his young one to be a hundred percent controlled when he urinates or defecates in the house. The best thing to do is to make the training process fun and exciting. Make it so that your puppy gets excited about going to the potty, and also about being a dog. Here are some cute potty training puppy mistakes you should avoid:

Stick to a Schedule

Training Puppies

Some puppies just don’t realize that accidents will happen, they just try to hold it until they wake up in the morning. This is not how you potty train a puppy! Accidents will take place and it is essential to catch them as early as possible and make sure no one else sees the accident so that it is dealt with accordingly.

Reward Going Outside

Training Puppies

When a new puppy arrives at home, one of the biggest fears for most people is, “what is wrong with my new puppy?” One of the biggest fears of all is, “my new puppy will never let me see his waste.” Well, you are wrong. That is the very first week of puppy training puppy. You need to be observant and not too harsh. Allow him to go potty on his own when he feels like doing it.

Do what your puppy wants, do not let him know that you are bossy. This is especially important in the second week and the second half of the second week. After you see that your puppy does what you expect, be consistent by following the same schedule each and every time. If you start to whine or demand that he do something in the wee hours of the morning, then you are teaching him that you are in charge and the potty business outside is where it’s at.

Use Command

Now that your new puppy home has been established, you need to start teaching him the basic commands. These commands are: sit, stay, down, come, heel, lay down, and stand. Remember that these are just the basics and not all of them, but they are the most common. Also remember that the best way to potty train a dog is to never make him hold it for longer than 10 minutes, otherwise, he will lose his mind.

Avoid Punishments for Accidents

It is also important to point out that you can have accidents during the first week or even during the first month. But, you should never punish your pup for these accidents. Puppies have accidents and this happens because puppies are cute little animals. Therefore, they just don’t understand why they have to hold it or why they need to wait until the potty business outside is over.

Take Him Out for a walk

So, now that you have established house training your pup, it is time to move on from that. You should be sure that your pup gets plenty of walks. Every day at least an hour is ideal. It is recommended that you walk your pup no more than three miles an hour. When I say three miles per hour I am not trying to lead anyone through a field with a football, but I am trying to illustrate that your puppy needs to go outside very often. If you don’t do this you may be setting yourself up for a lot of future potty accidents.

Final suggestion

Also, in the evening it is recommended that you take your puppy outside to do their business. The reason for this is two-fold. First, if there are any accidents while they are doing their business, if they wake up in the morning to pee or poop, they will most likely try to go to the toilet in that same spot. Second, puppies like to eat so they will need to eat at the same place every time, just in case they wake up to pee or poo. Also, if they see their bowl it will remind them that it is their tote bag, which will cause them to remember where they should go to relieve themselves.

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