Potty Training A Puppy: A Complete Guide

Potty Training A Puppy: A Complete Guide
Potty Training A Puppy: A Complete Guide
Potty Training A Puppy: A Complete Guide

If you think that you have accomplished all your dreams just by adopting a puppy, you are mistaken. It’s essential to potty training a puppy with excellent hygiene habits. All you need to have is continuity, positivity, and patience. Your pet needs your love and support in every way. It takes about four months to six months for a puppy to get entirely trained. However, it depends upon the breed of the puppy. Doll does not worry if your dog finds it difficult to teach at the beginning. Continuos practices for making habits will lead you to success.

The Appropriate Time To Start Potty Training A Puppy

Potty Training A Puppy: A Complete Guide
Potty Training A Puppy: A Complete Guide

According to a survey, doctors say that the best time to begin housetraining is when your puppy is between twelve weeks to sixteen weeks old. By this time, your puppy will have reasonable control over his bladder movements and bowel movements.

Often some puppies develop bad habits. In such cases, it is difficult to train your puppy but not impossible. While training your dog, it must understand the need of going out.

A Schedule For Potty Training Puppy

It is necessary to take away the food between meals. You need to make then out every morning and then every thirty minutes. A walk after every nap can speed but the process. Note that the same place where he poops has a scent which allows them to sniff before any results. Whenever your puppy poops outside, give him treats to make him happy.

Signs That The Puppy Wants To Poop

spinning in a circular motion, barking and sniffing the ground can be considered as the sigh of poop. At this point, you have to take your dog out.

Dos And Don’ts Of Potty Training

It’s essential to follow specific steps while potty training your puppy.

Say No To Punishments

If you punish your puppy for an accidental potty, it will make them fear you. Puppies are lovely creatures, and you don’t want to do this to them.

Make Them Realize Their Mistake

If you ever find your puppy to potty inside, then you can clap loudly or make noises and make him realize his mistake. You can take him outside and let him potty. Afterward, you can reward him.

Handle Every Situation With Care

If they potty inside the house, but you do not catch him at the moment, it’s better not to react. Your anger will end with zero results. Puppies are like babies, and they cannot match the reason for your violence.

Spend Time Outdoors

The best way to train them is spent a lot of time outdoors with them. It will help them to explore new areas, know you well and potty outside.

Use Enzymatic Cleaner

If your pup has pooped inside the house or at a place not ideal, then it’s better to clean it up with enzymatic cleaner. This way, the poop odor will be gone. Potty odors attract them back to the same spot.


Puppies are the best thing that can happen to you. You need to have patience and love while potty training them. Since they are delicate, you need to handle them with care.

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