Newborn Puppy Care With Mother – How To Care For A Puppy And The Mother

newborn puppy care with mother

Dogs are the most adorable creatures. We all love raising dogs in our houses. The dogs we raise are have already passed the most important phase, I.e., the first two months. It’s never fully easy to raise a dog, but it becomes a fun experience for us. There would be caring steps focusing on the dog (bitch) who’s going to or already having puppies in this article. The Newborn Puppy Care With Mother becomes entirely different, which is mostly unknown for many first-timers. It’s very enchanting to see those cute little ones playing and the process of them growing up with their mother, that mother dog who wouldn’t have seen so responsible and strict before would now become one to raise her kids. 

Newborn Puppy Care With Mother – Taking Care Of The Whelping Bitch

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This becomes the most important thing in the Newborn Puppy Care With Mother list so that both the mother and puppy would be all healthy. 

Maintaining a proper diet and nutrition for the mother with doubled calories. Consulting a Vet should be better for providing proper nutrition and a diet plan for the mother-to-be. 

Getting the mother updated on her annual or quadratic vaccines is a very important step so that any infection is not passed on to the newborn pups. 

Consulting a Vet monthly or whenever needed and doing several tests or ultrasounds to ensure both the mother’s health and the babies. 

Avoiding stressful training sessions can prove helpful. Going for a soft and gentle walk is best for pregnant dogs. 

When the most important time comes, I.e., the parturition or the birth-giving phase, it’s better to ensure the dog move to the den area. Most dogs don’t need any help while giving birth. They know the process, but one must watch the entire process and wait till the babies are born to make sure of success. 

Newborn Puppy Care With Mother – Taking Care Of The Mother After Birth

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After the whelping process, the mother needs to get cleaned up with warm water and a tender cloth. The helping area even needed to be cleaned up. Any use of soaps or disinfectants is highly denied keeping the health of the mother and puppies in mind. Postpartum care is very important in the list of Newborn Puppy Care With Mother. It becomes very important to be watchful of the dog’s milking and responsiveness towards her puppies. We must ensure that the mother dog gets maximum nutrition and sleep before and after giving birth. 


It all could result in a daunting task yet exciting experience. The life of the mother dog after giving birth significantly changes. Taking care of her pups becomes the utmost priority for her as they are wholly dependent on her. The mother dog shouldn’t be left alone and should be pampered and showered all the love to make her stress-free during this period. Being the owners, the utmost responsibility should be watching out for any danger signs for both the mother and her puppies.

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