Sick Newborn Puppy Care – Tips To Take Care Of Your Puppy

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Newborn puppy care is not easy and on top of that, taking care of a sick newborn puppy is an even more difficult task. However, with basic knowledge and first-hand idea for newborn puppy care, one can make the task a lot easier and save an innocent life. Here are some important details you should know about Sick Newborn Puppy Care. 

Look For Signs Of Distress

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Before anything else, it is important to realize that the puppy is sick. Simple science like distress, abnormal behavior, reduced appetite, unconsciousness, tiredness, etc. is some common symptoms that a sick puppy might show.  Newborn puppies are generally the most energetic, so it is important to keep an eye on the behavior. If they show unexplained tiredness and are found to be acting dizzy, it might be a sign of some serious issues. If the puppy is cold, then provide warmth to the puppy. It is best to place the puppy next to the mother, and if that is not possible, then provide warmth by covers. This is the simplest newborn puppy care tip.

Hydration Is Important – Sick Newborn Puppy Care

One of the main reasons why a lot of puppies fall sick is dehydration due to diarrhea. Diarrhea can be due to food poisoning or a symptom of some other serious diseases; however, it is important to hydrate the puppy. Due to loose stools, the puppy loses a lot of water, and dehydration can be fatal. Especially for newborn puppy care, one must make sure that the puppy remains hydrated.

What To Feed The Puppy – Sick Newborn Puppy Care

Newborn puppy care can be difficult because what to feed the sick puppy is a big question. The diet of the newborn should be kept very simple and easy to digest. Avoid feeding cow’s milk because it will add to the diarrhea and make the puppy even sicker. Try to feed the puppy with an injection or dropper and make sure that the food is bland. One can also opt for milk replacement solutions that are easily available in dog stores and help keep the puppy hydrated and provide energy without adding to diarrhea. At times it is important to give only water to the puppy and if the puppy refuses to consume anything, then rush to the vet immediately. If possible, consult a vet on the phone itself and ask if it is OK to feed Honey, sugar, or cornstarch solution to the puppy. If approved, then start feeding the puppy with the dropper immediately so that it can regain energy.


The above-discussed points were the basic steps and instructions that a person can follow for sick newborn puppy care. However, one might not realize that the symptoms shown might be pointing towards a serious illness. Newborn puppies are especially very vulnerable and can die because the probability of a newborn puppy dying is very high; therefore, it requires special care and attention. It is very important to consult a vet if the symptoms last more than 24 hours.

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