Newborn Puppy Care – Safety Tips You Need To Know

Newborn Puppy Care Timeline

It is a beautiful feeling to witness the birth of newborn puppies, but the more considerable work is ensuring that these sets of new fragile creatures are kept safe from potential dangers that could harm them. Meanwhile, ensuring the safety of a newborn puppy can be quite tricky if you don’t have or know the right tips. If you are one of those puppy owners that don’t know the exact ways to ensure the safety of your puppy, worry less, we have a tailor-made guide for you.

This guide affords you the information you need to guarantee the safety of your newborn puppies. Some of these tips should be done before the birth of the puppies, while others are things to be done after thief birth.

Prepare A Neat And Spacious Environment

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This must be done before the birth of the puppies. After their inception, they will have to stay in an environment that is neat and spacious. Instead of putting the puppies in a box where they will be restrained, you should prepare a spacious and neat environment for them. The place must be neat and spacious enough to ensure that it doesn’t serve as home to some other creatures that could threaten the life of the puppies. Another reason why the environment needs to be spacious enough is because of the mother of the puppies. The puppies should stay with their mother for a couple of weeks before you start selling them, so prepare that will be spacious enough for the mother to stretch and not hurt the puppies.

Feed The Mother Of Puppy Well

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The first few weeks after the birth of the puppies, they will solely rely on their mother for nutrients; that is why it is important to feed the mother well so she can have enough nutrients to nurse her newborn puppies. There are several quality puppy food that you can pick from and provide the mother with it so the puppies can get nutrients from their mother.

Prepare A Warm Place

Unlike older dogs, puppies can regulate their body temperature while they are still young. And once they are exposed to unfriendly weather conditions, it won’t be long before they die. So when preparing to welcome the new puppies, ensure you plan for their early days by providing a lamp to heat the puppies during the cold season.

Watch Out For Infection

Newborn born puppies are vulnerable to various types of infections when they are still young; that is why you must pay rapt attention to their health matter, and you must be quick to discover any unusual health issues in them. Once you notice anything unusual about any puppy, be sure to contact your veterinarian for help immediately.

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