Most Common Commands That You Should Teach Your Corgi Puppies

So, are you planning to bring some corgi puppies to your home? Well, they are very adorable. Are not they? As soon as you bring them to your home, you will find those little and cute creatures all over your house. In fact, you will find them herding the cat, wreaking havoc on the shoes and barking.

Moreover, homecoming is the most amazing and memorable experience. However, when they are small, it is the best time to instill some good habits into them. It is the best time to teach them some common commands. There some commands which are the basis for all puppies. So, let’s look at that command.

Topmost Common Commands That You Should Teach Your Corgi Puppies
Topmost Common Commands That You Should Teach Your Corgi Puppies

Some Basic Commands That You Need To Teach The Corgi Puppies

Heel Command

In general, this command is used to promote control while they are walking. To teach you corgi puppies this command:

  • Place the puppies on the leashes and let them walk in front of you.
  • While walking, suddenly call their names and say heel. Meanwhile, slap your thigh.
  • Then use their leashed to bring them to your side.

Once the puppies have caught up with the command, then you can encourage them to come to your side even if there are some distractions.

Sit Command

Besides heel, you need to train the puppies to sit in every situation. However, first, give the command once. If there is no response, then tug at the leash and repeat the command. Here is the process:

  • Take the puppies in a quiet room where nothing can distract them. Besides, take some treats.
  • Now hold a single treat in your hand above your puppies and say the command.
  • Then, using your other hand, squeeze the waist muscles until they are sitting.
  • Once they arrived at the sitting position, give them treats to praise them.

However, do this for around 5 to 6 times in a training session to get the best result.  Then after a few training seasons, gradually fade out the treats.

“No” Command For Corgi Puppies

Topmost Common Commands That You Should Teach Your Corgi Puppies
Topmost Common Commands That You Should Teach Your Corgi Puppies

It has seen that there are people who shout ‘no’ command. But this will feel like you are barking to your corgi puppies. Then they will get excited and will not listen to your command. Besides, some people use ‘no’ command with the puppy’s names. But remember that you should never use the names when you are angry on your puppies. However, here are some easy steps to teach the puppies to obey ‘no’ command.

  • Place a small piece of cake or their favorite food in a separate room.
  • Then put the puppies onto the leash and bring them all into the heel position.
  • Now slowly walk toward the food.
  • When the puppies notice the food, snap back the leash, and say ‘no.’
  • If nothing happened, then walk past the food.

Prefer to do this at least for 5 to 6 times in a training season. If you can teach these basic commands, you can efficiently train your corgi puppies in the future to obey other different commands. So, keep practicing.

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