Minor To Major Details Of At Home Hours Of Working

at home hours

Before visiting this fantastic home store, it becomes crucial to know about the at-home hours of working. In general, at home is a chain of home decor stores based in Plano, Texas. At present, it operates 225 stores in 40 states. The area of the average store is around 1,10,000 square feet. Each chain store offers up to 50,000 home products ranging from mirrors, furniture, art, rugs, and housewares to patio, tabletop, and seasonal decor. Initially, a brand was created as Garden Ridge Pottery and later renamed Garden Ridge. In 2014, the earlier company converted all stores into the At Home brand and floor plan and painted everything grey. Back in the past, at home underwent a rebranding project that included the previously stated name change and a store redesign. The rebranding project changed the use of orange color for advertising to a soft blue and grey. A house symbol stands in for the ” O” in At home, so there arises no confusion about what’s solid inside, said the CEO of this home decor store. This investment cost around $20 million. In July 2021, Hellman & Friedman acquired this company. 

The Opening And Closing Time Of At Home Hours Of Working 

Home Hours

Authorities formulated rules and regulations to define the at home hours of working. There is a fixed time for opening and closing of the store. Please get to know about it! 

Opening Time 

Home Hours

The opening time of almost all the At Home stores is identical for all days of a week, i.e., 9 a.m. At Home hours of working are considered to start sharply from 9 a.m. A proper and complete record is made of all the workers at the At Home stores as they usually pay them based on their hours of working. 

Closing Time

The closing time of the At Home stores is around 10 p.m. from Monday – Saturday. But, there comes a minor change in the closing time on Sundays, i.e., 9 p.m. Also, stores maintain a proper record of departure of the workers to check whether they have left before At Home hours of working. If there is any inconvenience without any prior notice, some amount deducts from their salary. 

Working Hours

At Home hours of working are sufficient and perfect for the proper working of the At Home stores. On average, it remains open for around 12-13 hours per day. During the working hours, the guests get a welcome with great affection and pleasure. But, it has strict regulations for the opening and closing time of the stores. 


I hope you liked this informative article regarding the essential details of At Home hours of working and found it helpful. Do check these before visiting the stores and share your views!

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