How to Get Your Puppy Used to Going Outside

Puppy Tips and Tricks

Puppy tips and tricks are one of the most important things to remember before you bring your new puppy home. It will help you and your family become more comfortable with this amazing creature who can make life a great deal of fun and pleasure!

Your puppy will be in your home for some time, so you need to have a way to get him to his own home and back home easily without causing damage to the floor or furniture. This is where a doggie door can come in handy. This little gadget is designed specifically for the puppies and dogs that will live inside of it.

Different Dog Doors

How to Get Your Puppy Used to Going Outside

There are many types of dog doors to choose from. You can select one that slides, one that swings, or one that slides into the side of your door. There are also different sizes available, and all of them come with locking mechanisms to keep your home safe.

Once you’ve selected the puppy’s door that you think is right for you, it is time to get started. You’ll want to put a padlock on it and place it on the bottom part of your doorway. This keeps your puppy from jumping up through your door on his own. To start out, you’ll need to clean up any mess that he makes along with his toys, food, and other belongings.

All About Puppy Bed

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Your next thing to do is pick out a puppy’s bed. There are many different kinds to choose from, and they are often made of different materials, including rubber, foam, or cloth. They are available in various colors, so it will be easy to match the bed to your home’s look.

You may also want to purchase some puppy’s toys. These items can be anything from a few stuffed animals to a wooden train set. You should never take your new puppy away from these toys as your new puppy is learning how to be a responsible pet owner and enjoy playing with them while you are not around. Puppy toys also make for great companions because they are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

One of the best things you can do when your puppy is ready to go outside is introducing him to the outdoors. There are many things you can teach your new puppy to get him used to go outside. Some of these include sit, stay, heel, come, and heel again.

Puppy Tips and Tricks

The above are just a few of the puppy tips and tricks to help make the transition to life outside easier for you and your family. Keep in mind, though, and you’re not going to be able to watch over him every day. This is why it is important to have a doggie door installed and a training mat if you’re not planning to take your puppy out all day.

When your puppy is ready to begin going out, you can let him know in advance that he’s going outside by locking the door and placing a blanket on his crate. If you do not feel comfortable with this method, you may want to use a larger crate and one that is lined with a soft material to keep your pup from feeling threatened by his new surroundings.


Once your puppy has been inside of his crate for a few minutes, you can begin to let him know he can go outside with you. and your family. Start with a few short walks and make sure that your puppy knows he’s safe.

After he has done his best to stay outside for an hour, bring him out to go potty. Be sure to reward him when he obeys your commands to stop on command.

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