House Training Puppies: Important Tips

House training puppies is all about patience, positive reinforcement, and consistency. Here the main objective is to teach proper habits and create a adoring relationship with your little friend. It will take you four to six months to completely house train your pup.

However, some puppies might even take a year. The tips below will help you in house training your pup in the right manner.

House Training Puppies: Important Tips
House Training Puppies: Important Tips

Timing Is The Key When House Training Puppies

As per the experts, you should start training it when its age is between 12 and 16 weeks. It is the time when a puppy has good control over its bowel and bladder movements. It will help you in teaching the pup to hold such movements.

House training your puppy might take longer if it is more than 12 weeks old and is eliminating in its cage. You will need to work on reshaping its behavior. You need to encourage the pup to eliminate properly and reward it for obeying your orders.

Do Not Fear Setbacks When House Training Puppies

While house training your pup, be strong enough to face setbacks if there are any. You need the motivation, and the patience to house train your pet. Being afraid of setbacks will lead you nowhere.

Know The Predictors

Size and the earlier living conditions of your puppy might be good predictors as to how you need to house train your little companion. Smaller pups have a higher metabolism and smaller bladders. They need more frequent trips.

The early living conditions of a pup also serve as good predictors when it comes to house training the pet. If there are certain old habits you want your puppy to get rid of, then you might need some help. It will bring you more desirable results.

House Training Puppies: Important Tips
House Training Puppies: Important Tips

Confining The Pup To A Specific Space Is Necessary

You need to restrict your pup to a specific space like a leash, crate, or room. It is necessary because only when the pet feels confined, it will go out to eliminate.

Gradually, as your puppy learns more about this, you can offer him the freedom of roaming about the entire house.

Come Up With An Elimination Schedule

First of all, make sure to feed your pup regularly. Also, work on taking away the pet’s food during meals. Get your pup in the habit of eliminating in the morning. It should be the first thing that your puppy does after leaving its crate or bed.

Also, make it a habit for your puppy to eliminate every half an hour. Take it for a walk after meals, and even when it wakes up after a short nap. Going out should be the last thing it does at night before going to bed.

Use A Crate

Using a crate is very important if you want to house train your puppy in the right manner. It will give you the scope of having a close eye on your pet. It will further help you in watching out for the first signs of needing to eliminate.

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