Homemade Puppy Toys Making Guide

Homemade Puppy Toys

We all know how expensive pets, toys, and kids’ toys can be. Even pets get tired of their toys very quickly and always try to go for something new. This practice can burn a hole through your pocket, which is why you have to go for the homemade puppy toys. This is one of the finest solutions that you can get, and you are going to love all of the toys you make. But how can you start? Here is the perfect way to make the toys and flaunt it with style.

Paper Book Puppy

A dog sitting on a table

Nothing can beat origami if you know how to do things right. With beautiful paper folding techniques, you can create toys that will keep the pet engaged. You can get several tutorials, which will help you create the perfect little toy for your little one. Try making one of these in your spare time, and you can make them time and again. Attach the googly eyes and a fur tail to the toy so that the final look is realistic.

Lego Puppy-Homemade Puppy Toys

A close up of a toy

Every little pet wants to play with lego, and we are sure yours does too! So why not use the set to build a homemade lego puppy and make a friend for your furry pet? But make sure that you glue the pieces together with superglue so that they do not fall apart and choke your puppy. Do it right, and you will find them playing with it all along.

Fetch Ball-Homemade Puppy Toys

Remember how many times you threw the ball for your dog to fetch, and they could not find it? Or maybe you threw it a bit too far, and it went down the hill? Now you can make your puppy fetch a ball with aluminum foil. Crush the foil and roll them into circular shapes. Add more foil if you want a bigger ball, and then start playing. Now you do not have to buy a ball every time you lose one. That is indeed worth the effort!

Tug Toy

The little puppies will try to tug at anything when they are teething. That is why you would love to make the same for them using your old t-shirt. They are of highly durable material, and you can put some knots on them. Your furry friend will love it, and you can have a game of tug of war with them. You can even make a dog feeder out of a PVC pipe but just make sure that it is non-toxic.

Tshirt Rope Toy

If you have an unused stack of t-shirt, then you can make another tug toy for your pet. We know these toys are od school, but it is far better than the expensive ones that you find at the store. They have the same purpose as the DIY ones, and yet you have to pay more. Why go through all the hassle?


It is always fun and exciting to make some toys for your little puppy rather than buy them. Not only can you save your money, but also contribute to the recycling process. Isn’t that great?

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