Helpful Training Tips For A Puppy Pug You Should Try

pug puppy training tips

No matter what dog breed you have trained, your dog is essential, as you have to live with them, and they should know how to behave and take care of themselves. Initially, when you bring a puppy home, it is your responsibility to take care of them, be their mother, and tell them what is wrong and right; pug is a small god, playful, and very active when it comes to playing. However, the pugs are not as intelligent as other dogs, but you can train them to be intelligent dogs. Pugs like to be indoors and always sleep around their place near their owner, and due to being small in size, you have to train them to litter in the box. Pugs can quickly learn some basic commands if you train them properly. Giving them treats to eat while training is the best option, as they are always hungry, it is better if you train them on your own, but if you do not have enough time, you can hire a trainer or send your dog to a training school, but prefer training your pug at home. Pugs are emotional, and if you put them away from the house, they may get stressed and not focus on training. Therefore, Please read this article in which we have gathered all the information on helpful training tips for a puppy pug you should try.

Focus Their Mind; Training Tips For A Puppy Pug

A dog sitting in the grass

You may not know that pugs can get quickly distracted, so the first thing you have to train is to focus on what you are saying. Unlike other dogs, pugs are lazy, so they do not listen much and distract themselves. The best way to make them focus is by offering them treats, as food is the only thing they can focus upon. Teach your pug to recognize the word focus or watch, so they become active when you say focus or even their name.

Obedience Training For Your Puppy Pug

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Your dog would know some basic obedience training to know how to sit when you say sit. Treats will help you train them, give them a treat when they sit after your command, and start giving them treats when they stay for a while, so they know how to stay calm when the pug’s owner says it. Making them learn basic commands is necessary, so whenever a guest comes, they should keep quiet when you tell them to stay or scold them a bit.

Taking Poop; Training Tips For A Puppy Pug

The major problem which every dog owner faces is poop all over the house. It is better to teach your puppy at the initial stage that where they should poop as no one likes their house to stink of their dog’s poop and spend all day cleaning their poop. Observe your dog, and when you see that your dog needs to poop, bring them near the litter box, it becomes their habit.


Do not overdo the training to train your puppy with patience and love; as pugs are slow learners, teach them nicely. Once they are trained, you do not have to worry; you can love them and take them wherever you want.

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