Have A Sneak Peek Into Newborn Puppy Care Guide Week By Week

newborn puppy care guide week by week

Are you looking for a newborn puppy care guide that details out every care technique? Then in this section of the infant puppy care guide, week by week, you will encounter every fine detail that will help you take the utmost care of your pup.

You are going to adore these weeks of a pup’s life. So thoroughly explore their habits and observe their day-to-day activities.

A Look At Newborn Puppy Care Guide Week By Week

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Stage One- Silent Senses of a Newborn to 3 Weeks Old

At the time of the first three weeks of a puppy’s life, your puppy has almost no senses.

It’s the time when their nose, ears, and eyes do not work correctly. After three weeks, their senses get normal, and they will start responding. During this period, you have to treat them like a newborn child who sleeps most of the time.

Stage Two- Socializing Starts With Their Siblings From 3 to 8 Weeks Old – Newborn Puppy Care Guide Week By Week

After the end of the sleepy phase, the stage of awakenings starts taking place. And you will see that by the fourth week, your puppy will be happy walking, and you will wholeheartedly love this activity.

Furthermore, in the early phase, puppies want to be more with their moms as long as possible. However, now their mums will start weaning their pups. Also, they will start teaching discipline to their puppies.

Moreover, now your pop will automatically socialize and interact with its siblings. Also, they will now learn to bite. They are more playful around 8 weeks.

And make sure you don’t miss out on the vaccinations of your puppy at this time. Further, consult with your veterinary to find out the correct schedule for your pup.

Stage Three- Fear of Something New From 8 to 12 Weeks (Newborn Puppy Care Guide Week By Week)

It’s time when your sweetest ball of fur is now becoming more cuddly and independent. These pups will start learning everything that is around them; regardless it is safe or unsafe.

You will notice that these balls of fluffs will soak or eat up everything just like a soft sponge.

Make sure the puppy care provider must know how to handle their puppy by now. The owner should know how to comfort them. Otherwise their hypertensive mood can upset you.

In this stage, make sure you teach your puppy that there is a particular way of playing with humans. And such a playing does not include biting.

4. Stage Four- Chewing Every Bit When They’re 12 to 24 Weeks Old

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Chew toys are a must to have when you see the first permanent teeth of your pup.

Moreover, offer your puppy enough toys, stimulation, interaction, and contact. You can even fill these toys with some food items to stimulate their chewing.

Conclusion on Newborn Puppy Care Guide Week By Week

Start observing your pup a lot and pick up his responses, his body language, his emotions, and more. And most importantly, understand him the most in his uncomfortable situations.

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