Havanese Breeders: Revelations Of Remarkable Things

Havanese Breeders

There are many breeders of Havanese dogs in Cuba who have been raising and breeding the breed for many years. Havanese breeders are a very important part of Cuban culture, as they know many of the secrets of raising healthy and happy Havanese dogs.

Havanese Breeders ; Things You Need To Know
Havanese Breeders ; Things You Need To Know

The Havanese Breeders And Things you Need To Know

The Havanese breed is actually the national dog of Cuba, originally developed in the extinct Blanco de la Habana in Cuba. The Blanco was a cross-breed between the also extinct Bichon Tenerife and a dog known as the Bichon de Los Angeles. It’s believed that the Bichon de Los Angeles was crossed with another icon type, including the poodle and the shitzu.

Many of the best Havanese_breeders were in the Castro regime, which controlled Cuba before the revolution of 1959. Cuba still has the most Havanese breeders of any country today.

Many Havanese_breeders raise Havanese dogs in their own households and some breeders in Cuba do not own the dogs, but only rent them out to people. The Cuban people, because of their love of Havanese, keep breeding them and taking them to other countries where they may find a better habitat. Some breeders in Cuba take their dogs on trips to the United States, especially if they travel to a destination with plenty of sunshine, or with warm weather. It’s not uncommon to see Havanese breeders take their dogs on trips abroad.

Another interesting fact about Havanese breeders in Cuba is that some of the owners are very well-known in Cuba. Some of the best Havanese breeders are the ones who own the most Havanese of all, and who are also famous. For example, there is Ramon Pinos, an American-Cuban breed breeder who has many dogs to his credit in Cuba. Some of Pinos’s dogs are in the Havana Zoo and at the Havana Sports Center.

The Havanese Breeders And Some More Facts

One of the most well known Cuban Havanese_breeders in America is Jose Caminero, who runs a Havanese breeding facility in New Mexico. He is also responsible for bringing the American Havanese into Cuba, as he was born in Cuba and was brought to the United States when he was a baby. His daughter brought her first Havanese puppy from Cuba to the United States and Caminero bred and trained her. As an American citizen, Caminero has several dogs to his credit as well.

There are many reputable Havanese_breeders in Cuba and other countries of the world who may not be so well-known. A quick internet search for the breed will provide plenty of information. The information on the internet includes information about Havanese_breeders in Cuba, but also information on many dog owners in Cuba.

It can be fun to research different Havanese_breeders in Cuba, especially those who are more well-known. If you’re interested in getting information about breeders in Cuba, look up “Havanese_breeders” and you should be able to find websites.

Some More In This Concern

However, you may be a bit more interested in looking up Cuban Havanese breeders in America or other countries. Here, you can find links to several web sites about these breeders and information about where they live.

Cuban Havanese breeders who are well-known may have many Havanese puppies for sale. Or maybe even a large number of Havanese for sale. Their pets may come from many different countries. Also, they may have had a long history in Cuba or other countries of Latin America. These breeders are also willing to advertise on the web in the hope of attracting a larger and more interested group of buyers.

Many of these Cuban Havanese breeders may be willing to show their Havanese in a pet store. Or a yard or in an apartment. They may have a website but you may not be able to actually see the dogs before you decide whether you want them.

Havanese Breeders Facts To Know
Havanese Breeders:Facts To Know


Some of the Cuban Havanese breeders on the internet will allow you to view photos of their Havanese dogs. And you can also contact them via email or phone. So you should keep this in mind when you do your research.

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