Few Tips to Help You in Day to Day Puppy Care

Tips to help you to take care of your puppy
Few Tips to Help You in Day to Day Puppy Care
Few Tips to Help You in Day to Day Puppy Care

In the present era when we ask for loyalty and pure from the human it’s rare what you have asked for you will get. Animals have got a bigger heart than humans. Maybe that is why dogs are considered as the most loyal animal. Dogs are just not loyal but also trustworthy, loving, caring and are able to show more pure emotions than humans. This is the reality of the new ruthless human kingdom.

Reality is what we can’t run away from, but these cute loving animals are of course becoming the exceptions. Do you have a dog at home? Or are you planning to get one home? 

Puppies are the cuties in the world. When you come back home from work you will see the cutie running to the door for you and showering all its love. This article will give you h tips to help you in the daycare of your puppies.

Visit to the Vet

When you get a small new puppy home the first place you both should visit is the vet and get you to puppy properly checked up. This will help you to know and ensure that your puppy is fit and fine without any birth disease. Be satisfied with the health of your puppy and also take a routine health care chart to keep your puppy healthy. Look for the best veterinarians because their advice and checkup are very important for your puppy’s health.

Use metal bowls

Buy two metal bowls, one for food and the other one for water. Metal bowls are long-lasting and stay cleaner other than the glass bowls. Have separate bowls for all your pets and make sure they don’t use one same because this might create health issues for your pets.

Quality Food

Make sure the food you give you puppy is nutritious. Freshwater should always be available to your puppy. Feed your puppies multiple times every day. For the age of 6-12 weeks, 4 times meals per day are advised. For the age 3-6 months 3 times a meal per day is important and for 6-12 months 2 times a day.

Puppy Bed and Toys

Puppies have a lot of energy, and they can keep playing the entire day so it’s advised to give your puppy plenty of toys both soft toys and chewable toys. Make sure you give your puppy soft and comfortable bed and a blanket in case of cold weather

Few Tips to Help You in Day to Day Puppy Care
Few Tips to Help You in Day to Day Puppy Care

Bathroom Routine

I don’t think your puppy will wear diapers so know some bathroom routine tricks. Give your puppies all the necessary vaccinations consulting the vet. Teach your puppy after that to go out for potty and urination. Take your puppy out right before bedtime and after a nap for urination and potty so that it becomes a routine and habit of your pet.

Teach Obedience and Sociability

Teach good manners to your puppy and obedience. Good manners will make your puppy socially accepted. Teach your puppy to sit, stand, lie down, run, and stop on your comment. Good training will make your bond secure with your puppy.