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Queen honey bees can be produced in a variety of ways. Grafting is used by beekeepers who want to produce more than a few queens in a season. Grafting is the process of transplanting a larva from a brood cell to a cell cup that has been produced. For this sensitive work, a range of commercial instruments is available. Individual preference governs tool selection. Beekeepers frequently make their own out of wire, a paper clip, or other ordinary household things.

A malleable plastic tip on the Chinese grafting tool is used to slide under the larva and royal jelly and scoop up the cell’s contents. The larva and royal jelly are pushed from the tip into the cell cup using a spring-loaded retractable device. The grafting process can be sped up by not priming the cell cups with this instrument. In commercial operations, this tool is frequently used.


• Dimensions of the package: 14.09 x 9.09 x 5.67 inches; 3.95 pounds

• Must-Have Safety Equipment: A comfortable sheepskin glove; the SUS201 bee smoker can assist you in inspecting your hive. Fingerburns can be avoided by using a premium bee smoker with additional protection.

• Beehive Tools: Multifunctional hive tool, ideal choice for dividing hive boxes, prying out frames; SUS304 mirror shine beehive shovel can assist you in efficiently cleaning the beehive.

• Uncapping Tools Required: Stainless steel uncapping knife and fork, with the Z-shaped knife assisting in scraping the wax from the frame. The adjustable uncapping fork is ideal for underwater regions or frame corners.

• Other Beekeeping Equipment: Aluminium roof plastic bee entry feeder of excellent quality.

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  • You will receive some excellent gardening and grafting gloves as a gift. For changing the three blades, the set includes compact grafting and pruning shears. The grafting blade is razor-sharp and replaceable. 
  • Precision and clean cuts are possible thanks to three interchangeable blades. Suitable for branching off the 5-13mm branch and finishing it. 
  • The incisions of two stems fit precisely for maximum contact with the gearbox thanks to distinct blades, considerably enhancing the survival rate.
  • The cutting blade is constructed of SK-5 steel, which is both strong and long-lasting. The handle is composed of high-quality ABS material that is non-slip and pleasant, ensuring that your hands do not become fatigued after extended use.
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  • Beekeepers can develop identical objects from the chamber.


Grafting needs a lot of practice, good vision, and a steady hand, and it’s not for everyone. There are many methods for raising queens without grafting that are suitable for small-scale production. The Jenter and Nicot systems, which allow for many mobile queen cells, are two further graft-free options. The commercial honey bee business has met agricultural, and hobbyist beekeeping demands because of large-scale queen cell production. These approaches make it reasonably straightforward to create any number of queen cells convenient and affordable. Honey bees have become the major pollinator in many environments due to their large scale of queen production and the adaptability of honey bee colonies’ behavior.

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