Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Training Collar

An electric collar for dogs is sometimes recommended for training your dog or for certain behavior modifications. There are pros and cons of using an electric dog training collar. It can be called an extreme mode of training and might not be preferred by all dog lovers. But in some cases, it becomes the utmost necessity. Here are some pros and cons of buying an electric collar for your dog.

Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Training Collar
Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Training Collar

How Does An Electric Collar Work?

Electric or shock collars were more common in the 1960s. These were initially designed to train hunting dogs. They are helpful in curbing some behavioral patterns of stubborn or mischievous dogs. These collars have shown positive results in curbing aggressive barking, biting or running away. With the help of these tools, you can train your pups to stay safely inside the family. These should not be used as punishment, but only as deterrents to unsafe dog behaviors. As you give an electric shock to your dog who is not behaving in a certain way, the dog will identify the shock with an uncomfortable jolt and will eventually stop behaving like that. The shock collar does not cause any harm to the dog, but only deters certain behaviors.

Things To Know Before Buying An Electric Collar

Adjustable Intensity

These collars come with adjustable intensity and so you can choose whether you want to give a warning beep or just a vibration. These modes cause no physical harm but only alerts and warn the dog. These modes come as a breather to those who feel guilty about causing their dogs harm.

Fast Results

These have shown positive results really quickly. Sometimes, the owners have only used the collars a few times to curb certain behavior patterns in their dogs. Some stubborn dogs may take more time to get trained.

You Don’t Need To Be Physically Present

You can use these collars to control your dogs even if you are not present physically. These come in a wide range. If your dog’s persistent barking is disturbing your neighbors while you are away, you can still use the electric collar to control your pets.


Shock collars are not very costly. These are typically priced between $30 to $250. You get advanced features such as remote control, adjustable warning shock levels, range, etc in higher-end models.

The Shock Might Be Too Much

If you are an ardent animal lover and cannot even dream of causing pain to your pet, then this collar is not for you. It does give a bolt of shock and an unpleasant feeling for a fleeting second to your dog.


Some dogs end up fearing the collars too much. They may get very aggressive when you make them wear these collars. Sometimes, the downsides of using electric collars are that dogs start getting scared amidst humans and start showing introvert behaviors.

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Electric Training Collar for Dogs

Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Training Collar

The digital remote control was built with different identity codes that prevent conflicts with other e-collars. It comes with an automatic standby mode, memory functions, and LCD screen display. This one is built with adjustable levels for vibration and shock to get the perfect levels in pet training. It is made of plastic material and the collar length is from 36 to 58 cm. The remote-control range if 300 m.

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