Bulldog Puppy Training Tips – 3 First Thing You Must Do

bulldog puppy training tips

This way you will be able to teach your dog how to behave around other dogs and people. Socialization starts when your dog is young, during the teething process, and continues throughout his life. The goal is to set up positive associations with people and other animals so your dog always behaves as he should, instead of acting out of fear or anxiety.

One of the most important Bulldog training tips is housebreaking. A large percentage of Bulldog puppies end up in shelters because their owner can’t handle the behavior issues. Housebreaking your bulldog can be done easily if you have a professional Bulldog trainer. You will want to set aside one hour a day for housebreaking. You don’t necessarily need to do it in the same place every time, just take some time away from your schedule to do it.

Handling Training

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f you are a new owner it is important that you familiarize yourself with proper Bulldog handling training before you bring your puppy home. In addition to proper housebreaking, handling training is about establishing yourself as the leader of your pack.

In general, the more dominant your dog is the more control he needs over others. So the first step is to teach him to heel, sit, and stay. Some dogs will need more work than others, and it may take more than ten seconds, but eventually all dogs should learn this behavior pattern.

Leash Training

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Most people who own bulldogs don’t understand that you also need to train them how to walk with a leash. Many owners will tie the leash in a way that is very hard on the animal. As soon as the bulldog begins walking with a leash they often struggle with keeping their balance and will trip, stumble, or have an accident.

By starting out with a short leash you can establish yourself as the leader and that way all subsequent attempts to lead the bulldog on will be less stressful for him.


One of the most important Bulldog handling training tips you will ever hear is to not stress your bulldog out. Many owners become frustrated when their dogs begin to act out.

The best way to handle a stubborn dog is to ignore them and give them time to calm down. Patience is one of the essential keys to teaching your dog.

Treat Training

There is a trick to training your puppy that many people don’t realize. When they give the treats to the dog they immediately begin to crave them. If you continuously use the treats as a reinforcer, they will continue to crave the treats and want them even more. So if you continually give your dog treats you must finish all of his treats in ten seconds or he will feel the need to reach for them again. You may also want to take the treat away from him before he reaches for it; you don’t want him getting the treats because he knows he is about to get them.

The third tip is to make sure that you make sure that your Frenchie puppy goes to the bathroom during his potty break. To prevent your puppy from relieving himself anywhere other than in the designated potty area, take him out to his special spot outside and make sure he goes. Make sure you don’t rush him, this will only make it more difficult for him to hold it. You should wait until he calms down and then praise him for going.


Crate Training, One final tip we have for you is to make sure that you take your Frenchie out of his puppy crate on the first thing in the morning. Why do we tell you this? Well, during this time you should only be able to go out and play with him. He needs to become familiarized with going into his crate when you are home. Dogs are naturally house trained and this is important so they do not become anxious or nervous when you come home to take them out. Once you crate your dog, you should leave him alone for at least an hour during the day.

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