Boxer Puppy Training Tips You Must Know About

boxer puppy training tips

Boxers are a smart and intelligent breed of dogs. They are a great combination of sturdiness and gentleness. This breed of dog is very similar to humans and has emotional needs. When you own a Boxer, you can start training him for three weeks and with time give him more training. These dogs are amazing to have as they have a friendly and loving nature that makes them a perfect family dog. A boxer also has the alertness and agility to sense strangers and smell danger that makes it a perfect security dog. Check out these tips and techniques that you can apply while training your dog.

Boxer Puppy Training Tips: Know Your Dog

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Before you start training your dog, it is imperative to know what he is like, what his personality is and what not to expect from him. One needs to understand that dogs or puppies are similar to human beings and hence needs to be treated as an equal. You cannot train your Boxer puppy as a master and control his personality in ways comfortable to you. Not only is it going to be very sad but also highly disrespectful. So go to a trusted source of information and learn as much as you can about your Boxer so that you can help him have a great relationship with you.

Boxer Puppy Training Tips: Potty Training

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You can start potty training your Boxer puppy for seven weeks. Anything before then will be ineffective as the pup is too young to understand your commands due to its undeveloped brain. So once your puppy is old enough you can show him how going potty in your bathroom is not acceptable. You must dedicate a space outside in your yard or garden where your puppy can go when he wants to go potty.

Boxer Puppy Training Tips: Socialize

As mentioned earlier, a Boxer dog is a social dog just like humans and needs to be with other dogs and humans to survive. Do your best to take care of your dog so that it doesn’t feel neglected and isolated. It is not good for them to be lonely as it brings out unacceptable behaviors like biting, chewing, and barking. You must become the master to who your dog can listen to as well as play with him after the training session. Your dog should know that you are his best companion and friend.


In summation, there’s one more thing that we must not ignore which is exercise. Boxer puppies have lots of energy and are required to take that energy out by playing outside. If you fail to give him his required exercise then he will become restless at home and break your precious belongings. It is a great breed to have at home as it will also give you a sense of protection once it grows old.

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