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Border Collie Characteristics

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The Border collie is a medium-sized dog that was originally bred in the Scottish borders to herd livestock such as sheep and cattle. They are extremely intelligent dogs and can be very difficult to train if their mind is not given an outlet for their energy. They are very agile and their athleticism helps with herding which is important for their role as working dogs.

The border collie is often used in herding dog sports such as sheepdog trials, flyball, and agility trials. Border Collies can also be found working with law enforcement at airports or on farms rounding up animals. Dog sports require the dogs to stay active and this helps them be better pets because they get enough exercise.

Border Collie Temperament

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When selecting a Border collie puppy it is best to choose one who has been well socialized. It can take weeks or months for them to calm down after not having enough attention when they were younger. The border collie will be naturally protective of livestock and family. They are highly intelligent with an intense gaze that can intimidate or unsettle people.

Border collies must be trained at a young age with positive reinforcement to prevent behavioral issues later in life. Border collies are too smart for their good and will often become bored easily. If they are not given an outlet for their intelligence then they may find mischief or annoying habits to entertain themselves like barking incessantly, chewing, digging, or chasing animals outside of the yard. They love exercise and look forward to long walks which help them get enough mental stimulation as well as physical exercise.

Border Collie Health – Pet Insurance

The most common health problem encountered by the border collie is hip dysplasia due to their quick movements during herding. They will need to take special care when running and jumping during their lives to prevent hip problems.

Border Collies may need daily supplements of glucosamine, chondroitin, and omega-3 fatty acids if they have a genetic predisposition for hip dysplasia. Other health issues can include epilepsy, eye disease, and allergies. Many border collies have a very sensitive stomach which makes it important for food to be high quality with little filler or cereal products in the ingredients.

Border Collie Training

Border collies are not easy dogs to train because they require mental stimulation due to their intelligence. When training a puppy it is best to use positive reinforcement techniques because their intelligence may cause them to get bored otherwise. Border collies must be trained early on to respect the owner’s authority, but they are too smart for harsh corrections.

Border Collies are working dogs that have been bred to be independent thinkers. They are highly intelligent and they love being given a problem to solve. Border collie training is best when they are taught tricks or agility courses because they will work hard in order to receive their reward which can be praise, food treats, or playtime with another dog in the family.

House Training a border collie may not come easily so it is important to start early with them around other dogs in the house who can show them what is appropriate behavior at certain times of the day. Border collies need plenty of exercise so they should be walked regularly to provide them with the mental stimulation required for good behavior. By giving them enough exercise they are less likely to be destructive or bark excessively in order to get attention.

The Border Collie is a very intelligent and independent breed of dog. They need plenty of exercises as well as mental stimulation to keep from getting bored or destructive. Their intelligence makes them great for herding, but it can make training challenging because they are too smart for their own good! These dogs have been bred to be independent thinkers who look forward to long walks and agility courses that will give them the problem-solving skills necessary to receive praise or treats.

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