4 Best Pet Hair Removers For A Fur-Free Home

Best pet hair removers are not a myth anymore. If you love keeping pets at home but are frustrated with the constant fur and hair shedding, then we have some cool devices to render your homes fur-free. It is extremely tough to clean up dog hair with a cloth or a broom. Regardless of how much you clean, you get it again and it is impossible to collect it all. But with certain cool hair remover devices, this task becomes easy peasy. Pet hair removers collect all the fur and hair in a single swipe.

4 Best Pet Hair Removers For A Fur-Free Home
4 Best Pet Hair Removers For A Fur-Free Home

You can find pet hair on your clothes, beds, sofa sets, laundry clothes, carpets and even on your car seats. Although your regular cleaning tasks like vacuuming are necessary, these hair removers give the touch-ups to give a perfectly cleaned and fur-free home.

Best Pet Hair Removers

Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter

This fur-grabbing sponge is the best all-round pet hair remover. It works on all kinds of surfaces and renders them fur-free within minutes. This ordinary-looking block of sponge is best used when the surface is dry. The pet hair easily gets collected inside the sponge. The hair wads gather into clumps and can be picked off and trashed. Hair clings to this sponge very easily especially if you try circular motions. Furthermore, this sponge also traps dust and lint. It does get discolored over time.

OXO FurLifter

This one is ideal for removing pet hair from furniture. It is a reusable brush that makes it quite easy to remove dog hair. If you have black couches, then you must be frustrated with the white hair on your couch. This hair lifter comes with a red pad on each side. These pads, when rubbed on the surface, collect all the hair, lint and fur. Now when you brush it in the opposite direction, the trapped hair comes off easily. The base provided in this tool further removes the collected hair from the brush. When you slide the brush into its base and pull it back out, all the hair is removed. Therefore, you don’t have to get the hair on your hands.

ChomChom Roller

This is the best hair remover for clothes. You just need to make back and forth short strokes. All you need to do is to grab the handles and roll it back and forth on clothes to remove all the hair and fur. This tool is self-cleaning too. With each stroke, the trapped hair is removed from the brush and gets collected in the compartment provided. This one removes hair from all kinds of fabrics right from polyester to cashmere.

Smart Sheep Dryer Balls

This is the best dog hair remover for laundry. These softballs can be added to your dryer to effortlessly remove hair from your laundry. Dog hair often clings to your clothes even after they have been washed in the washer and dried in the dryer. All you need to do is to add these fluffy balls into the dryer and they can easily remove all traces of dog hair from your clothes.

Shop This Cool Hair Removal Comb Online

Hair Removal Comb For Pets

4 Best Pet Hair Removers For A Fur-Free Home

This works for all cat and dog breeds can clean and comb all coat types, long or short and wet or dry. It can help catch loose hair from your pets so that it can be tossed out before it lands on your clothes and furniture. It is available in blue and pink shades and is made from stainless steel.

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