8 Week Old Puppy: Potty Training Guidelines

8 Week Old Puppy: Potty Training Guidelines

Having a new pet at your home is an event of joy and playful. Little puppies till 8 months don’t have the sense to mind their regular business on time. So, you have to train them initially to stay together happily for a long time. Generally, when people change their accommodation or business place, puppies have to suffer, and it could be one of the reasons they need to shift to a new location. In addition, 8 week old puppy is quite small, and potty training is a must for him.

You have to check the previous place where it comes from and food habits it has. Collect all the information and start the training accordingly.

8 Week Old Puppy: Potty Training Guidelines
8 Week Old Puppy: Potty Training Guidelines

Here Is The Guideline How To Train 8 Week Old Puppy For Potty

Two Types Of Training

Crate Training

Paper Training

However, both the training method is excellent but follow the following tips to make it a successful one

  • Control dog’s diet
  • Maintain consistent training
  • Regular exercise
  • Reinforce your puppy 

Crates: Highest Ranking Potty Training Tool

People who have kept a puppy for the first time, prefer a container to keep their puppy safe. Crates make you understand the puppy’s behaviour in a straightforward manner. There are many reasons to keep the puppy in a crate like outing, convalescence, travel, vet visit and safety. Dogs are the animals which love to have security like a cave or crate. Training with crate makes them enjoy the crate.

Puppies like clean places and they can not remain in dirty urine mess. Always chose crate of the proper size which gives space to your puppies. Crates are available in all sizes. Some crates are facilitating you with adjustable partition. You can adjust the separation as your puppies grow. 

Now, How Would You Know About Potty Sign?

Mostly puppies give a sign when they want to come out for potty. They will whine, circle the crate, bark or scratch the door. Moreover, if you notice any of the sign, take your puppies to mind their business. Never delay because they don’t have developed and large bladder so that they can’t wait for urine or potty for a long time. 

Puppy Pads Or Paper Training For 8 Week Old Puppy

However, paper training is somehow tricky. Ideally, in paper training, 8 week old puppy learn to never potty inside the house. They learn to hold potty inside and eliminate waste only outside as per the schedule. When you are not at home, they have to remove potty at a specific spot. Professionals who are all day out for work, they can not take their puppies outside on regular time. In this situation, paper training is helpful. The puppy will learn to eliminate at a decided spot and will not make your house dirty. 

8 Week Old Puppy: Potty Training Guidelines
8 Week Old Puppy: Potty Training Guidelines

Create House Training Schedule:

8 week old puppy’s bladder is tiny and has not more liquid holding capacity. It happens the same for solid waste. Moreover, you have to follow a strict feeding schedule to train for potty. Monitor its activity and understand the sign of potty. When the puppy is small, you have to take it out many times, and as they grow, you can reduce the number of the outing.

  • First in the morning
  • Last at night
  • After playing inside the home
  • When waking up 
  • After chewing bones
  • After drinking 
  • After Eating

However, training methods could be the same for many, but every puppy can not learn in the same period. Persistence, patience and praise are the tools to train them with care. Never get angry with them. If training takes longer time than schedule, you should consult a doctor.  

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