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5 Characteristics Of An Australian Shepherd Puppy

5 Characteristics Of An Australian Shepherd Puppy

An Australian Shepherd Puppy can be an excellent pet. It is a herding dog that has garnered huge attention as a sheepherder. The dog breed owes its origin in the Pyrenees Mountains from where it was duly exported to different sheep raising regions including Australia. The Aussie is a recognizable dog because of the exclusive color of its eye and also the stunning merle coat color that covers its body. The dog breed works for active individuals who are in the lookout of easily trainable canine friends. The Aussies are highly energetic, which means they require a lot of attention and exercise as well. They are intelligent and learn new things very quickly. Some basic advantages of having an Australian Shepherd as a pet are as follows:

5 Characteristics Of An Australian Shepherd Puppy
5 Characteristics Of An Australian Shepherd Puppy

Loyal and Smart Companions

Aussies are loyal and smart companions. This means you will not have to repent on your adoption. It is their loyalty that isolates them from the other dog breeds. Also, it is because of their dedication that they are not able to get along properly with others. In addition, these pooches are smart enough to outsmart their masters. Since they are smart, they are also a little hyper, and this requires proper attention.

Easily Personable

These dogs are known for their wonderful personalities. They can quickly adapt to families with other dogs and children. Yes, they are high-energy pups, but this does not mean that they are aggressive. They make perfect companions in active households. They tend to nip or herd people. But such traits can easily be managed through proper exercises and training. You will find them as superb partners for running alongside bicycles.

Good Temperament

The Aussies are versatile, happy, energetic, and adaptable dogs. They want to participate in everything that takes place around them. They perform very well when you indulge them in interactions with people. This means that having an Aussie in your home will make socializing easier for you. You will be able to make more friends since you have a pet that works actively towards making new friends.

5 Characteristics Of An Australian Shepherd Puppy
5 Characteristics Of An Australian Shepherd Puppy

Easily Trainable

As has already been said, Australian Shepherds are smart and intelligent. These traits, combined with their high-energy personality, makes them easily trainable. They are good at learning tacks and tricks within a very short period. They perform well with ranch herders and agility competitions. Considering the high-performing animals that the Aussies are, it is necessary for you to ensure a gated yard. Failing to do so might have the curious creature escaping very easily.

Climate Adaptable

Good news for Aussie lovers is these dogs have double-coated fur which protects them from all kinds of weather conditions. There is a fluffy undercoat that offers insulation in cold and hot temperatures and a tough exterior coat serving as a water-resistant barrier. Thus, the Aussies are hearty companions on ranches and farms and for outdoor games.

Like all the other canines, an Australian Shepherd Puppy requires proper training to serve as a wonderful pet. Fortunately, this pup has good intelligence and loyalty not found in many other breeds.

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