3 Week Old Puppies Care – How To Help Them Grow

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Who doesn’t love a cute pet? But having them around comes with a lot of additional responsibilities and you need to fulfil them if you want your puppy to be obedient as well as healthy.

3 week old puppies care

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When puppies attain the age of 2 weeks or older, they need to start feeding off their mother for at least 3 hours. If they are unable to reach the nipple, the need to be fed by a bottle. As puppies reach the age of 3 years, they can feed for around 6 to 8 hours.

When your pup attains the age of 3 week or older, you need to worm him with a mild wormer. Dogs belonging to the giant breed start walking till they become 3 week old and they can be made to have food. However, the medium breed dogs can be given food when they attain 3.5 to 4.5 week age. 3 week old puppies care should begin with providing them solid food. Soaked kibble is probably the best food option for pups of this age. 

How To Wean A 3 month old puppy?

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 3 weeks old puppies care begins with weaning them. In order to successfully wean a pup, you need to take dry food and mix it well with a milk replacer and water. 

Ensure that the food is certified for use for a 3 week old puppies care to ensure that the puppy receives food that helps their bodies grow faster. Over the next few days, you can reduce the amount of moisture in the food as the puppy will start chewing properly.

Can bathing be included in 3 week puppies care?

As your puppy attains the age of 3 weeks, it is likely to be smelly. But, you cannot immerse them in a water bath until the puppy attains a proper bath age, i.e. 8 weeks. This is because a 3 week puppies care does not include immersing your pup in a bath as it will be unable to regulate the body temperature. 

If your pup is pooping on itself or is creating a mess, make sure to clean it with a wet towel. This is included as part of 3 week puppies care. Make sure that your pup does not feel too cold by providing appropriate warmth to them in their den.

Development of pup at 3 weeks

While you are working on 3 week old puppies care, you will observe that your pup will start gaining strength. It may start standing on its own, running around the place, and sit properly without falling. When a pup starts teething, you can switch its semi-solid diet to a solid one. The puppies also begin socializing during this time. You need to make sure that while taking 3-month puppies care, they are kept away from other dogs till they receive their vaccination dose.  If you see any issues such as diarrhea or lethargy in your pup, you should immediately contact your vet and provide them with appropriate treatment and work on your plans of 3 month puppies care. 


Keeping a pup can be a fun and learning experience if you know the basics of caretaking and provide them with the required diet and environment. It is well said that “A dog is a man’s best friend.” Take good care of your pup by following all the measures and see your pup growing into a healthy and fit individual.

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